Amiable Bungalow House in a Cozy Setting

Comfort and style are the gifts of this amiable bungalow house with a stylish exterior. Its lovely features and stylish concepts will impress many homebuyers. In fact, the design is perfect with all the comfort and convenience of the family. Besides, this home with a modern feel is surrounded by sufficient glass panels providing natural light. A house that stands on farmland will also be right in a city build or an urban environment.

Obviously, this design creates a lasting impression in a fusion of white, and grey hues with an accent of an orange tone. Specifically, the color mix lends a striking appeal, yet adds coziness that generates a fascinating atmosphere. This design boasts a balcony with marble tiles, battens in orange shade, and steel guardrails. The space can be more functional as it can serve as an extension of the inner space for relaxation.  

Picture of Amiable Bungalow House in a Cozy Setting

Some of the elements that create a charming and unique design include a gorgeous terrace with a flat canopy roof, an exterior wall painted in orange color, and exposed exterior walls in a raw cement plaster finish. Additionally, this house also looks stylish with sufficient glass panels with white cornices around the perimeter, shed roofs with grey tiles, and a wooden under roof in orange color.

This design highlights the use of numerous transparent glass panels that provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and add to the bright and breezy atmosphere.  Windows overlooking the frontage let the sunlight and air in, making the inner spaces look brighter and feel cozier.

Specifications of Amiable Bungalow House in a Cozy Setting

A pleasantly sunny living space highlighted by glass elements is the centerpiece of this modern one storey house plan. The internal layout with a usable space of 87.0 sq. meters hosts a balcony, terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The interior space is accessible from the balcony through sliding glass doors. Directly ahead of you lies an incredible great room that is airy and bright as tons of natural light and air penetrate through the glass. The living and dining rooms in an open concept occupy the middle part of the plan. The rectangular kitchen sits on the right section with an exit door to the back terrace. Meanwhile, the two bedrooms border the living spaces on the left section of the layout. The master suite owns the front corner, while the secondary unit sits in the opposite corner at the back.

The limitation of inner spaces is complemented by the spacious outdoor living space. With a set of couches, you can bring the interior outside for additional comfort. Likewise, providing a table and chairs, the space is great for outdoor and informal dining.  

Indeed, this design not only offers unique and beautiful aesthetics but ultimate comfort as well.

Credit to: Design and Construction for Lampang

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