Beautiful and Graceful Modern House with Brimming Outdoor Space

Every house is unique in its own style and concepts. With an amusing architectural expression of contemporary living, this beautiful and graceful modern house design will make you smile. This plan has a simple but elegant design, and it is what you’re looking for in a perfect starter home for your family. In fact, there is definitely no wasted space in this house, with a living space of 81.0 sq. meters floor plan.

Picture of Beautiful and Graceful Modern House with Brimming Outdoor Space

You must be lucky to see an amazing contemporary home that creates a pleasant atmosphere in a blend of white, cream, and grey tones with a little accent of brown in the elevation. Actually, this house has a simple exterior façade. However, its simplicity with refined workmanship exudes an imposing elegance with its stand-out height proportion for a single-story house. Furthermore, you will also love the impressive curb appeal of this house with the elevation enveloped with numerous glass elements. Besides, you will observe the well-placed glass windows that give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. The internal rooms have excellent views of the external living areas while they are still protected from outside view.  

Picture of Beautiful and Graceful Modern House with Brimming Outdoor Space

Incredibly remarkable with this modern design is the well-designed shed roof with grey-colored tiles, grey gable, and ceilings. The elegance of the roof assembly is matched by the finesse of the spotless exterior walls that gleam in a grey and beige plaster finish.  

Specifications of Beautiful and Graceful Modern House

This modern design features a splendid outdoor space and a smartly-designed interior layout. It stands in a square lot that measures 9.0 x 9.0 meters and yields a usable building space of 81.0 sq. meters. The living space spreads to a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a storage area, and a washing area.

This beautiful design headlines a covered terrace designed with brown marble tiles, columns, and a shed roof. Similarly, the space with a grand view will allow you to access the living spaces through glass doors. Once inside, you will observe the great room – living and dining rooms and kitchen in an open concept. The layout makes the rooms bright while working ideally for family and guests.  

The living room occupies the left corner, while the dining room and kitchen settle in the middle at the back. On the other hand, the two bedrooms border the dining room and kitchen on opposite sides. The master suite with a private ensuite occupies the right corner, while the secondary bedroom sits on the left side.

The terrace and the outdoor living space around the house serve as extensions of the inner spaces for relaxation. You can enjoy a great experience in the outer spaces which is perfect for outdoor dining.

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Credit to: Pro Home Decors

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