Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes in Your Bedroom

Using a store-bought wardrobe without complete accessories like nooks, crannies, and drawers is annoying and tiring. Likewise, it’s also tiring to cram all clothing and accessories in a tiny space.  Well, interior decorators have taken seriously the benefits of fitted wardrobes in your bedroom for years and for good reasons. Actually, they can help create a space that’s not only more organized, but also more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

The trend in many homes today is that they are small and compact which lacks enough space for a good wardrobe. Moreover, there are wardrobes that are too big that overpower the entire bedroom. In fact, this makes it difficult to place the other furniture in the room as well. If you are in the core of building your new home or is upgrading your existing space to make it more presentable, then do the exercise of creating a better one. Then, here are some benefits of fitted wardrobes in your bedroom worth considering.

Getting Familiar with Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes can create more space and can be personalized to your room and lifestyle. Freestanding wardrobes are not typically pleasing because they don’t allow most of the space for customization. Therefore, one smart way to enhance your bedrooms is to provide built-in wardrobes. In fact, wardrobes can create more space that suits your room and lifestyle. They are available in sizes and finishes to suit all types of spaces.

Picture of Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes in Your Bedroom

Things to Discover Before Installing Fitted Wardrobes
  1. Getting More Space

Freestanding wardrobes have gapped above and to the side crying out to be filled with knickknacks and dust. On the other hand, fitted wardrobes can be customized to fit the entire height of the room. Additionally, fitted wardrobes can turn even the tightest corner into a workable place for belongings.

  1. Making an Investment

You can bring your fitted wardrobes with you if you move or transfer to a new home making it usable and at the same time saving some costs thus making an investment.

  1. Choose from all Budget Levels

Since fitted wardrobes are open for customization, you can scout a furniture company to design and make your wardrobes to suit your space and style. Likewise, you can request a design that suits your budget as well. However, it could be more expensive, but the benefit is that you won’t have to adapt your concepts to an off-the-shelf solution.

  1. Recommendations Yield the Best Results

Exercise the activity of asking for recommendations or pay visits to showrooms to consider few options to check and feel the quality of the products. Ask questions or visit previous projects before purchasing your wardrobes to make sure that you make a smart decision. 

  1. Keeping the Look Fresh for Future Proofing

To make things simple, choose a company to manage the work from concept, design, and installation to completion. In fact, this will avoid costly mistakes and stress as well. Fitted wardrobes are designed for a long-lasting solution, thus, choose a future-proofed option to suit your personal taste for years to come.

  1. Doors Make a Difference

In choosing wardrobe doors, consider the size and shape of your bedroom as well as personal preference. For small spaces, opt for sliding or bi-fold doors so you won’t need much room to open them. Mirrored doors for small bedrooms create the illusion of a larger room so it will be a smart choice.  

  1. Prepare Before Ordering

Preparation is very essential prior to ordering and installation to completion. Check the following: dimensions, ceiling height at both ends, and the middle. Similarly, check the floor level to get a good fitting of the product to space. It is preferable to fit the wardrobe on a hard floor for stability, when fitted on a carpet, the wardrobe can drop over time and will affect its once-flawless finish.

  1. Measure Everything in the Room

Before a final decision on ordering the wardrobe, consider all fixtures, fixed details, and accessories contained in an area with exact dimensions so the design will suit perfectly in the bedroom.

  1. Prepare the Room

Generally, the advice is: don’t decorate your room prior to fitting. Wardrobes are fitted without backs and sides as standard, therefore, decoration of the room must be done before installation. The recommendation is for the customers to remove all furniture prior to installation.

  1. Choose Interior Options to Suit Your Lifestyle

The inside of the wardrobe must be as beautiful as the outside. Choose a company that offers the right range of options for your storage needs. Check the hanging rails, shoe, and trouser racks and shelves.

The quality of the product defines the level of satisfaction.

 Credit to: Property Price Advice

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