Benefits of Living in a Bungalow or Single-storey House

If you are planning to build a house would you consider building a bungalow or single-storey? Have you ever been considered living in a bungalow?  Bungalow-style homes are becoming popular every day and they never go outmoded. There are plenty of innovations that designers and builders are adding each year to the bungalow design. Many people like it because of the multiple benefits that suit a wide range of people and fit countless lifestyles. First, let us know what is a bungalow and how did it originate and evolve.

What is a bungalow?

Freshome writes that the etymology of the word bungalow was “bangala,” a Hindustani word that means “belonging to the Bengal,” a place in India. Bungalow houses were first built in Bengal, India in the 17th century. At the time, India was under British rule and the ambassadors who traveled there sought to design an informal, easily-constructed rest house to use during their visits.

Eventually, the style became popular in England and from there, started to spread into the United States and other parts of the world. As a result, the term ”bungalow” varies slightly in use by country. The bungalow, as it’s known in many parts of the world today, is a single-family home with a low-pitched roof and wide front porch. It is a simple design, built efficiently and often used as a vacation home. 

Bungalows are constructed with an open floor plan. The living area, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and bedrooms are all located on one floor as it only has one level. There are also bungalow designs with 1.5 storeys that are sometimes called split-level houses.

Here are some of the major benefits of living in a bungalow or single-storey homes:

Open Design

Bungalows feature an open floor plan.  Some bungalow designs feature a living area running freely connecting to the dining and kitchen.  There are no walls that divide those areas, only divider walls or even display cabinets.  This gives an impression of more space and easier mobility. This layout brings additional natural light and ventilation into the home. 


Since bungalows only have one level, the different areas are accessible without needing a staircase.  The absence of a staircase also prevents accidents like falling especially among the elderly and children. In case there is an emergency, evacuating is also a lot easier than with a staircase.  It would be easier for the elderly who need wheelchairs or walkers to go out because there is less risk of bumping into things or going up and down the stairs.  You can check this article for a bungalow design.


Since bungalows or single-storey houses have an open floor plans, renovation and extension are easier to do.  The open design offers flexibility and redesigning can be done without the extra effort of remodeling because there are no upper beams and posts that need to be relocated or removed. You can also expand vertically or upward. You just need to reinforce your foundations. Your architect or builder can remedy this for you. You can check this design to give you more ideas about building a bungalow.

Affordable maintenance

Maintaining your bungalow is a little cheaper than maintaining a storied house. Its open layout allows for efficient heating and cooling. Likewise, cleaning the inside of the house, its roof, and windows is a job that you can do yourself.  You won’t need professional service to do the maintenance because you can reach your roof and windows to clean them. Check this design for inspiration to build your home.

Easy mobility

If you are living with seniors, a double-storey house may not be an option. Even if you house them on the ground floor but you stay on the second floor, you cannot immediately go to their rescue if they need assistance. With this predicament, it is better to live in a bungalow where bedrooms are built adjacent to each other.  You can hear your family members shouting if they need some help.

Child-friendly environment

If you have kids, a  bungalow is a better home for them to stay. The absence of a staircase means that there is less chance of accidents. You won’t need to worry about your kids chasing each other going up and down the stairs. The open layout of your bungalow allows them to run around and explore while they play.  You can do your chores while they play close to you. Bungalow guarantees safety and it is family-friendly.

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