Benefits of Living in a Two Storey House

Building a home is one of the biggest projects most people will undertake. In one of our recent articles, we discussed the advantages of building a two-storey house design over a single storey. The blog discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both types of homes. This article will solely feature and focus on the benefits of building and living in a double-storey home.

A two storey home is a house type that consists of two floors, the ground and upper floor. Typically, this residence caters to and suits a bigger family, so they can live comfortably. They are generally slightly more expensive than single-storey homes because of the space requirement. While you can expect being an extra cost on double storey build. You get an additional value of more yard space. However, if you are not concern about yard space, you can fit a double-storey house on a small block without sacrificing the size of the living areas.

Any home is good, whether a bungalow, a condo or a two-storey residence. What matters most is it offers you the convenience of living that you need.

Advantages of Living in a Two Storey House

These are the remarkable benefits of living in a two-storey house:

  1. Size and Space

Considering the cost, of course, a two-storey home will be more expensive. As the sizer is bigger, you can have more stuff and enough space to accommodate them. Likewise, you have the opportunity to place them in their respective places. With two-storey homes, you are not only gaining more space but also saving more money as well.

In building a house, one of the most important deciding factors is the size. House and land prices are becoming increasingly expensive, with the availability of larger blocks to be limited. Double-storey homes spike in popularity due to these factors and therefore, building a two-storey house on a smaller block is a smart decision. The size of the block has a great impact on what style of home you decide to build. The bigger, the better of course. Since we are concern about the size and space, then even with a smaller block, you can have more space if you build a two-storey home.

Comparatively, single storey homes have a larger footprint and take up a higher portion of the block sacrificing outdoor space. Meanwhile, building upwards will not compromise the space allowing you to choose a floor plan that suits your needs. Stacking your spaces instead of spreading offers good size living areas and bedrooms. Moreover, it gives you an additional room that you may require.  

  1. Backyard Space

Being homeowners, we want to have a backyard space for recreation and other family activities. If you choose a small block, you cannot achieve a backyard space if you opt to build a single storey home. In doing so, you will consume the space allotted for a garden. While a two-storey house can maximize the surrounding spaces for the landscape.

  1. Good Investment

In building a house and choosing the type, consider its long term value and future costs. A double-story house can deliver better returns and save your investment. It is often a better investment and delivers better returns. For a growing family, certainly, a two-storey is advantageous and more functional. In cities where space is at a premium the push for higher density living in double level is better over one storey blocks.

  1. Better Outlook

A two storey home can accommodate large spaces, features and functional layout. Consequently, because of space, it offers you more chances to explore your creativity. Additionally, it will give you a higher level of freedom and privacy. Also, a double-storey makes your house stand out over single storey units.

On the other hand, some homeowners prefer a traditional layout of living spaces downstairs and bedroom upstairs. Whatever layout you choose, having the living spaces and bedrooms over two floors makes it easy to create distinct areas of separation between zones which gives multiple options for both relaxing and socializing.

To sum up, two-storey designs provide a more grand and impressive appearance, giving a better appeal. But then, it will also be of advantage to consider the surrounding homes. So, are you ready for a two-storey house?

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