Charming Modern Home Plan with Enduring Appeal

Modern house plans have gone to greater dimensions and have advanced in a full circle. In fact, you will observe amazing and stunning designs everywhere with smart concepts. This manifests how prevalent and how far these designs have gone. This charming modern home plan features key elements like open space, clean contemporary lines, and natural lighting making it an ideal option for the current changing lifestyle.  Discover why this house stands trendy in its own style.

Features of Charming Modern Home Plan

See for yourself the stunning exterior concepts, and a smart interior layout that shines in a blend of soft colors of white, cream, and grey hues with an accent of brown tone that creates a pleasant and fascinating atmosphere.

 Picture of Charming Modern House Plan with Enduring Appeal

This contemporary house is stylish with an elevated verandah with marble tiles and a concrete bench with a wooden backrest. This space which is also functional in many ways is secured by columns with white moldings and a flat roof that extends to the carport. Embellished with ceiling lights, the verandah is perfect for family relaxation and other activities.

Picture of Charming Modern House Plan with Enduring Appeal

It takes a single viewing to find all of the deluxe features in this house. The wall cladding with accents of dark grey veneer stones that sandwiched the windows looks trendy and dynamic. Moreover, the façade is enveloped with multi-pane glass windows that both increases the aesthetic appeal and keep the interior pleasant with tons of light and air.  

Picture of Charming Modern House Plan with Enduring Appeal

Meanwhile, the exterior walls are spotless with touches of mineral plaster finish in a grey tone. Similarly, one amazing element of this design is the well-defined cross hip roof that looks stunning with grey tiles and white ceilings in a polished assembly. The overall concept of the external façade in refined workmanship, exude class, finesse, and elegance.

Specifications of Charming Modern Home Plan

You will feel at home as you set foot into this splendid house. The beautiful natural exterior and comfortable inner space invite pleasantness. The usable building space spreads to a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

The gorgeous verandah gives you access to the inner spaces through sliding glass doors. Directly ahead of you lies a great living room that enjoys a free-flowing concept with the dining room and kitchen that stays in the middle of the plan. The comfortable internal space can host various family entertainment. The kitchen that occupies the entire width at the back looks stylish with wooden battens. Aside from trendy aesthetics, the concept brings the space into comfort and eliminates unwanted odors while doing kitchen tasks.

Meanwhile, the three bedrooms border the living spaces, with two bedrooms on the left and one on the right. The master suite with a private bath and complete amenities occupy the front left corner, while the secondary bedrooms are on opposite sides of the dining room. The entire right side features a carport that can accommodate two cars. The space is incredibly gorgeous with columns accented by stone elements, and a flat roof with well-illuminated ceilings.

To sum up, with comfortable outdoor living, you have a space perfect for outdoor dining and family-related functions.

Credit to: Phakdi Design

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