Contemporary Double Storey House with Grand Visual Appeal

Definitely, with a large scale, this contemporary double storey house design suits a bigger and growing family. It invites elegance which is traceable in the architectural concepts that wrap the exterior façade. Besides, this house offers lots of advantages. It saves a lot of space, apart from utilizing it more efficiently for better purposes. Discover how this design creates distinct and private spaces between zones.

Features of Contemporary Double Storey House

An absolutely stunning display of contemporary features, this design has plenty of rooms for the privacy of everyone. Aside from being spacious, the entire building explodes in a fusion of white, cream, and grey hues that lends a brilliant exterior. Moreover, these soft colors create a homey appeal and pleasant atmosphere.

The fabulous exterior screams with sharp lines and captivating blends of elements like marble tiles, veneer stones, concrete, metal, and glass that come together to generate a masterpiece. It opens up with an entry terrace that introduces the inner spaces through sliding glass doors. The left-wing features a gorgeous two-car garage that equally looks magnificent with prominent concrete walls and secured by a flat roof.

The splendid second-floor design with multi-pane windows, stone wall cladding and steel guardrails give the house a unique curb appeal and make a lasting impression. Moreover, the graceful hip roof with grey tiles and white ceilings is very prominent.  Additionally, the spotless exterior walls in a cream tone, and the entire exterior embellishment exudes class, and sophistication.

This contemporary house plan showcases beautiful aesthetics and a high level of comfort. Thanks to the enormous glass panes that shower tons of natural air and light making the interior looks brighter and feels cozier. Besides, the glass elements give the house privacy as well as the privilege to see the beauty of the outside panoramic view. Equally, the entire house feels even more comfortable with airy surroundings and well-trimmed landscaping.

Picture of Contemporary Double Storey House with Grand Visual Appeal

Specifications of Contemporary Double Storey House

This stunning house offers a cool and homey yet casual ambiance that is perfect for everyday living, and entertaining. The internal layout utilizes a lot that measures 11.20 x 89.0 meters, with a usable space of 188.00 sq, meters for both floors.  

The ground floor spreads to a terrace, balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom, washing area, and carport. Your family will love this home with the living spaces in an open concept that invites better mobility. In fact, the spacious great room is very comfortable with lots of natural light and air transmitting through the glass. The bedroom is in front of the living room, while the bathroom is beside the kitchen.

Picture of Contemporary Double Storey House with Grand Visual Appeal

Meanwhile, the staircase that connects the two levels is in the middle at the back. As you step onto the second level, you will be welcomed by the family room in the middle of the floor. The entire upper floor hosts the private zone of three bedrooms. The master suite on the right side corner is masterfully planned with a private, large full bath, complete amenities, and a walk-in closet. On the other hand, the secondary bedrooms occupy the two distinct corners on the left side. Similarly, they are provided with individual walk-in robes and share a common bathroom in between them.

 The upper level also features a wide balcony accessible from the master suite through sliding glass doors. This additional space is a great place for relaxation and seeing the outdoor living space and neighborhood.

Overall, the comfortable outer space is perfect for relaxation and outdoor dining, especially at nighttime.

Credit to: Trendy Home

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