Contemporary Home Design with Stylish Exterior

If you plan to buy or build a new house, it is smart to choose a modern unit for various reasons. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but they are efficient and better for the environment. This contemporary home design that suits any housing type and location has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics and comfort. The stylish detailing from glass elements to the exterior materials brings this home to life with an envious curb appeal. 

Picture of Contemporary Home Design with Stylish Exterior

Feast your eyes with this stunning house design with graceful and elegant exterior concepts. Remember: You will be living in – and looking at – your home for many years; so, make it an eye-pleasing experience. Unquestionably, the featured house is an eye-catcher in a fusion of white, light blue, and brown hues that lend a cool and pleasing appeal.

Features of Contemporary Home Design

The main entrance looks stylish with an elevated terrace designed with light grey marble tiles, black-painted battens, a clad wall with accents of natural wood, and a flat concrete roof. These elements contribute to the gorgeousness that both secures and beautifies the terrace.

Picture of Contemporary Home Design with Stylish Exterior

Picture of Contemporary Home Design with Stylish Exterior

Moreover, this home design has a touch of class and is inherently sophisticated. Some of the impressive features include the wooden clad wall and battens in the terrace, wall cladding with accents of veneer stone elements illuminated by sconce light on the right wing, and the ceiling glass windows that add comfort to the house. These elements come together to generate a graceful and elegant house.

Picture of Contemporary Home Design with Stylish Exterior

This beautiful residence is wrapped up with carefully-placed, slim rectangular frosted glass windows in dark aluminum frames. The large sliding glass doors and windows shower the inner spaces with tons of light and air that make the inside look brighter and feel cozier. Equally, the airy outdoor living space also bathes the house with lots of natural air that allows the inside to be more comfortable. 

Picture of Contemporary Home Design with Stylish Exterior

Likewise, this home view plan stands extraordinary with a pair of shed roofs sloping in opposite directions. The roof assembly along with the spotless exterior walls in light blue plaster finish exude finesse and style.  

Interior Design of Contemporary Home Design

This family home plan has a fascinating exterior façade and a graceful interior design and concepts. Undoubtedly, the inner spaces are as impressive as the exterior considering the colors, tidiness, and workmanship. In fact, it shines with marble tiles, interior walls, and ceilings all in a beige tone. The recessed ceilings with a chandelier and lightings make the space bright and conducive.

The concept and workmanship that exude elegance extend to other rooms of the house. Let us see how impressive the inner spaces are.

Living /Great Room



To sum up, you will love this house that floats in aesthetics and comfort.

Credit to: Strong Land

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