Contemporary Home View Plan with Marvelous Exterior

This stunning contemporary home view plan may well be your family’s top choice for its superb design both inside and out. The unusual exterior facade creates a dynamic visual appeal, and the inspired combination of natural building materials further radiates the artistic vibrancy of the home. Find out why this two storey house stands out excellently.

Picture of Contemporary Home View Plan with Marvelous Exterior

Set in a nice, comfortable location and setting, it is fair to say that this house gives you all of the privacy and comforts you need for a healthy life. This house is stylish and elegant. Starting with a spacious green setting, this house design explodes in a fusion of white, grey, and brown hues that generate a cool vibe and homey appeal.

Picture of Contemporary Home View Plan with Marvelous Exterior

Features of Contemporary Home View Plan

This modern design headlines an L-shaped verandah in the ground that looks stylish with marble slabs and is secured by steel guardrails and a polycarbonate roof. There is also a balcony on the upper level where together with the verandah are excellent additional spaces serving as extensions of the inner spaces for various functions.

Picture of Contemporary Home View Plan with Marvelous Exterior

The exterior façade is stylish with sharp contemporary lines and materials assembled with refined workmanship. Some of the highlights of this design include a protruding pillar with brown veneer stones, a glass door and windows in grey tint, and a pair of high-pitched shed roofs sloping in opposite directions.

Picture of Contemporary Home View Plan with Marvelous Exterior

This modern home also showcases bronze tinted glass panels providing tons of light and air that makes the interior airy and bright. Aside from aesthetics, these glass elements offer the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Similarly, they give the family the privilege to see the picturesque outside panoramic view. Equally. the spacious, airy surroundings shower tons of natural air that places the inner spaces at a pleasant level.

Picture of Contemporary Home View Plan with Marvelous Exterior

This eye-catching, modern-style home raises the bar for today’s home design with graceful architectural concepts. The elegance of this residence is heightened by the spotless exterior walls treated with plaster finish in grey shades.

Picture of Contemporary Home View Plan with Marvelous Exterior

Interior Design of Contemporary Home View Plan

This modern home design has a welcoming exterior and graceful interior concepts. The open-plan living space embraces a modern feel. The space looks bright and feels cozy as tons of natural air and light transmit inside through glass doors.

The inner spaces focus on beauty and elegance. As can be seen, the internal space is tidy and well-organized too, with all the furniture and accessories in it. You will also love the overall concept of the interior, and the arrangement of furniture including the decorations in cream, beige, grey, and brown tones from floor to walls and ceilings, which is a nod to a modern setting.

Take a look at the interior concepts of this design.

Living Room

Picture of Contemporary Home View Plan with Marvelous Exterior

Dining Room



Specifications of Contemporary Home View Plan

You’re lucky to see this design with a smart layout that utilized a lot of 8.65 x 9.0 meters dimensions. With usable space of 119.0 sq. meters, the layout spreads to a verandah, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms on the ground floor. On the other hand, the upper level hosts a balcony, one bedroom, and one bathroom.

You can take the path towards the front door while enjoying the peaceful setting of the inviting verandah. Walking through the glass door, you will find yourself at the heart of the living room which enjoys an open concept with the dining area and kitchen. The living spaces occupy the left section, while the right side hosts the two bedrooms. The floor plan uses the space more efficiently while providing necessary privacy. The master suite sitting at the back includes a private bath, walk-in closet, and complete amenities. The secondary bedroom is also provided with an individual walk-in robe and shares a hallway bathroom.


Meanwhile, the half upper-level hosts one bedroom with a private bath and walk-in closet. This concept offers the occupant a reasonable degree of freedom and privacy. The balcony provides an access to take a view of the surrounding environment.


Overall, this design that looks great in a mountain setting, will also suit perfectly in an urban community. Indeed, a beautiful house with combined aesthetics and comfort.

Credit to: 3D KH Design

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