Contemporary House Design with Stunning Symmetrical Concept

Contemporary architecture utilizes clean lines that make the best use of available space. Additionally, the current designs also create a living space to be extremely functional which allows you to set and incorporate your style and character. Moreover, since there are no specific rules to follow, then you can set your design the way you want. You will love this contemporary house design plan with elegant concepts that stands in a comfy environment.

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Stunning Symmetrical Concept

Features of Contemporary House Design

You must be lucky to come across this modern house design that blows in style and uniqueness. It stands magnificent in a blend of white, cream, grey and brown hues. It headlines an elevated loggia with marble tiles, and secured by steel guardrails, prominent columns with accents of veneer stones, and gable roof.

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Stunning Symmetrical Concept

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Stunning Symmetrical Concept

Moreover, some of the impressive features of this design include the perimeter base designed with natural veneer stones, wall cladding with brown stone elements on all windows, a wooden door, glass windows that join together to give the house a unique curb appeal.

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Stunning Symmetrical Concept

Additionally, you will love this house which is enveloped with numerous glass panes in all elevations. They allow tons of natural light and air that flows freely to keep the inner spaces pleasant. Besides, the glass panels provide the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Similarly, they offer excellent vies of the external living areas while still protected from outside view. 

Picture of Contemporary House Design with Stunning Symmetrical Concept

Incredibly impressive is the front exterior with elegant concepts of windows and roofs which are symmetrical with respect to the center of the house. The combination of hip and gable roofs with grey tiles and white ceilings look magnificent in a refined workmanship. Meanwhile, the roof assembly and spotless exterior walls in cream plaster finish are regal and exude class, finesse and elegance.

Interior Concepts of Contemporary House Design

The true grace of a modern home is defined by the details and concepts such as the furniture, art, and personal touches that make up the interior. All these aspects help reflect your unique personality at the end.

Living Room

Undeniably, the inner spaces are as impressive as the exterior considering the colors, tidiness and workmanship. In fact, it screams in elegance in cream and brown tones shade which are visible from floor, walls to ceilings, including the furniture, fixtures, accessories and decorations.

Dining Room

The concept is uniform and extends to every space inside.  See how the interior delivers its concepts remarkably.


Specifications of Contemporary House Design

This contemporary design will be the envy of neighbors and passersby. It boasts a floor plan where space is used very efficiently, and with a comfortable inner space and an airy outdoor space.  It stands in a lot that measures 10.0 x 11.5 meters with a usable space of 115.0 sq. meters, The building space spreads to a loggia, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

This design is perfectly in tune with a modern family with cleverly crafted spaces and an effortless flow. The gorgeous loggia ushers you to access the living spaces through a wooden door. Directly ahead of you lies an incredible great room that is airy and bright as tons of natural light and air penetrates through the glass. The living spaces in an open layout occupy the middle part of the plan. On the other hand, the three bedrooms on three distinct corners border the living spaces. The master suite enjoys a private bath on the right corner, while the secondary bedrooms that share a common bath occupy the entire left side of the plan.

Undeniably, there is no issue with the comfort in both the exterior and interior spaces. Glass panes and spacious outdoor living with lovely landscaping that shower the interior with lots of light and air.

Overall, with beautiful aesthetics and a cozy outdoor living space, this design will win the hearts of many families. 

Credit to: 3D KH Design

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