Country Home Plan in a Traditional Setting

You can feel the comfort and style in this country home plan that carries a traditional touch.  It has amazing features that could be a wonderful home or a great vacation house for a family who wants to experience a serene atmosphere.  With its location and setting, it’s a perfect place to re-charge and feel the freshness of nature. This rustic design showcases a rugged beauty and a fuss-free feeling that you need for relaxation.

This house design offers an intimate atmosphere for people who appreciates simple things in life. The design stands charming with a traditional touch in a fusion of cream, grey, and brown hues that lends a striking but pleasant atmosphere.  

Picture of Country Home Design in a Traditional Setting

It features an L-shaped cozy lanai, glass elements, and brick accents that give the house a unique appeal and make a lasting favorable impression. Moreover, the space looks magnificent with marble tiles, supporting columns, a flat roof, and ceilings that are illuminated by lighting during nighttime.  

Undeniably, there is no issue with the comfort in both the exterior and interior spaces. The glass doors and windows shower tons of natural air and light that make the inner spaces brighter and cozier. Likewise, the entire house feels even more comfortable with lovely landscaping and lush trees surrounding the house.

Picture of Country Home Design in a Traditional Setting

Probably the interesting feature of this plan is the exterior walls dominated by bricks-clad walls and the other surfaces in a raw cement finish. The house also looks charming with a shed roof designed with grey tiles and a wooden under roof.

Specifications of Country Home Plan

This country home utilizes a lot that measures 11.5 x 9.5 meters with a usable space of 109.0 sq. meters. The plan hosts a lanai, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. You will observe a smart layout with all the spaces utilized efficiently.

The cozy outdoor space welcomes you to the front lanai that leads to the inner spaces via sliding glass doors. Once inside, you will find yourself at the heart of the airy great room – the living room, dining room, and kitchen that occupies the front section of the plan. The spaces are in an open floor plan where the family can enjoy the warmth and comfort this house provides. 

On the other hand, the private zone occupies the right and back sections of the layout. The master suite with a private ensuite sits comfortably in the back left corner.  Meanwhile, the secondary bedrooms settle side by side on the right side beside the kitchen.  

The lanai enlarges the outdoor space, allowing you to conveniently enjoy the sun and the surrounding landscape during special occasions. Moreover, the outdoor space provided with a couch is excellent for relaxation and outdoor dining. More importantly, it’s a great venue for meaningful family bonding time while at home.

To sum up, with the comfort this house offers, most families will find this perfect for healthy living.  

Credit to: SJ Akitek House and Building Design

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