Creating Good Feng Shui Main Door

Are you planning to build your house? Do you want it to be auspicious through the years? There are a number of ways you can do to make your house bring you fortune, peace of mind and good health. For those who are still in the process of designing their house, this is the best time to employ some feng shui principles to put everything in auspicious place.  If you already have a house and you happened to place your main door, stairs, kitchen, or toilet in unlucky locations, there are still remedies to cure the bad luck.

Feng shui is a traditional practice originating from China, a philosophy of using energy forces to harmonize individuals with their living spaces and working environment and create a striking balance with the natural world. The Chinese words “feng” and “shui” literally mean “wind” and “water,” respectively. This concept derived from an ancient poem that relates a story about human life being connected and flowing with its surroundings.

The feng shui energy resides in specific earth locations  and it must be found to be able to use it for good health, wealth, and well-being.  Your exterior must be in harmony with all the forces connected to it and unless it is harmonized there is no way to create a good feng shui inside your home. Some feng shui experts claim that if the surroundings have bad feng shui, improving the indoor feng shui cannot be maximized.  The outside energy has to be dealt with first because it has a big influence on the quality of energy your house is absorbing. So how do we apply feng shui in our homes?

Creating Good Feng Shui in your Main Door

Good feng shui design in your main entrance is very important for obvious reasons. It is through the main door that all the positive energy and good luck enters. Therefore you need to pay attention and put extra effort to make your main door auspicious in every way.  When a house has good energy circulating around it, the people living in it experience harmony and well-being. 

1. A  front door opens inwards not outwards. 

Your main door should open inwards or pulling in the Chi-energy instead of pushing it away. Never install a door that can be opened inwards or outwards like most doors in hotels, offices, and restaurants. The main door, and if possible, all doors must be opened inwards.  Pushing it inward when you open it is giving a way for the positive energy to come in.  If in case your door opens outwards, have it fixed by changing the position of the hinges.  

2. A good front door open into a wide space not cluttered space.

Your front door must open easily and completely to a spacious area. It must freely swing to the side when you open it.  Do not put things or stuffs behind it because these spoil the good energy entering the house.  Things like trash bins, brooms, chairs, old stuffs, and the like which are usually placed behind the door to hide them must be removed.  They block the Chi-energy and this affects the overall good luck that is supposed to run in the house.


3. A good feng shui front door must be the most beautiful door in the house.

Your front door must be the grandest door in your house. It must be the widest and the tallest door. You can paint it with an auspicious color, Consult a feng shui expert for the best color to use for your front door.  The color sometimes depends on the location of the door and the bagua of the head of the family. Keep the hinges and doorknobs clean and rust-free.

4. Decorate your front door with auspicious things.

Hang an auspicious painting such as a painting or photograph of a 100 birds near the door. A hundred birds is particularly excellent as it also symbolizes a hundred opportunities coming your way. You can also put a pot money plant or leafy fortune plants on either side of the front door.

5. Put your altar facing the main door.

Your altar must be placed in an auspicious area. It should not be placed in a leftover corner because you can’t find a better place to put it in. Altars that directly face either the main door or door into the family or living room are deemed to be auspicious,


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