Delightful Bungalow House Plan with Stylish Gable Roof

This charming and delightful bungalow house plan with a narrow rectangular layout and stylish detailing would be the perfect home for retirees. You’ll love this beautiful design that stands in a cozy environment that is healthy for the occupants. In fact, you can feel the comfort of this house with amazing features. Additionally, with its location and setting, it’s a perfect place to recharge and enjoy a stress-free life.

 Picture of Delightful Bungalow House Plan with Stylish Gable Roof

Features of Delightful Bungalow House Plan

Style and well-being are the gifts of this modern home design with an excellent exterior. The incredible styling goes with this home plan for a small family that screams in a blend of cream and grey hues and creates a fascinating atmosphere.

Picture of Delightful Bungalow House Plan with Stylish Gable Roof

This design is both charming and stylish. with beautiful aesthetics. It headlines a small porch that represents a perfect entrance to access the inner spaces through glass doors. Some of the amazing elements of this home design include the prominent wall cladding with accents of grey veneer stones, concrete battens, numerous glass panes, and a well-designed cross-gable roof. These features come together to generate an elegant exterior.

Picture of Delightful Bungalow House Plan with Stylish Gable Roof

You will also appreciate the façade which is enveloped with numerous glass panes that allow tons of natural light and air to flow freely to keep the interior pleasant. Equally, the glass panels provide the house with a balance of privacy and natural light. Additionally, the glass elements offer excellent views of the external living areas.  

What is also amazing with this design is the prominent cross-gable roof with grey metal tiles and white ceilings. The exposed exterior walls in a spotless grey plaster finish and stone wall cladding complement the roof assembly that exudes charm and finesse.

Specifications of Delightful Bungalow House Plan

This home design with a straightforward layout suits a small modern family. The usable building space hosts a porch, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The small porch ushers you to reach the rectangular great room through glass doors. A functional design features the living spaces in an open concept that occupies the front section of the plan. On the other hand, the rear section hosts the private zone of two bedrooms and a bathroom.   

Perched on a beautiful location, the cozy lush garden landscaping is an ideal spot to soak up the sun and relax in the charms of nature. Similarly, the outdoor living space with a table and chairs is best for outdoor dining and entertaining guests and visitors.

To sum up, this charming house will also be perfect as a vacation house.

Credit to: Phakdi Design

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