Deluxe Family Home Plan with a Roof Deck

Stunning masterpiece. Which specific part of this home design amazes you first? Is it the splendid exterior? Or is it the elegance of the building materials in refined workmanship that blends with the forest surrounding your home? Or is it the roof deck? Whichever you choose, we think that you’ll agree: this home is designed to be your own paradise. Obviously, every element registers an extraordinary impact. No matter where you are, inside or outdoors, this deluxe family home plan is your own haven.

Picture of Deluxe Family Home Plan with a Roof Deck

Features of Deluxe Family Home Plan

Bursting with sophistication, this modern home is elegant in a fusion of soft colors of white, cream, and grey hues. The color mix creates a cool vibe and pleasant atmosphere. The design headlines a gorgeous porch and is a perfect entrance to access the inner spaces. Absolutely it exudes grace with marble tiles, columns, and an extended hip roof that both secures and beautifies the space.

Picture of Deluxe Family Home Plan with a Roof Deck

The entire exterior façade conveys a good balance of the materials, concepts, and workmanship that gives an outstanding curb appeal. The clad wall on the right wing accented by black veneer stones and the graphic design on the carport gives the house a touch of class and style. Moreover, the forward-facing cross hip roof with grey tiles and white-painted ceilings looks perfect for this design.

Picture of Deluxe Family Home Plan with a Roof Deck

A delightfully sunny space highlighted by transparent glass elements is the centerpiece of this modern house. In fact, these glass doors and windows provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and add to the breezy atmosphere. Likewise, you will observe the carefully placed glass windows that give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Aside from aesthetics, they transmit tons of light and air keeping the interior comfortable and bright.

Picture of Deluxe Family Home Plan with a Roof Deck

Perhaps one of the amazing characteristics of this design is the roof deck which is accessible from the outdoor through a spiral steel staircase. Purposely, it can serve multiple purposes – additional space for relaxation, a venue for family activities, or for hosting events and social functions. Additionally, this space is best for outdoor dining, especially at night.

Picture of Deluxe Family Home Plan with a Roof Deck

The inviting two-car garage

As can be seen, the roof assembly, spotless exterior walls in cream and grey tones, enormous glass panels with refined assembly, and workmanship deliver a magnificent masterpiece that exudes class and finesse.

Specifications of Deluxe Contemporary Home Design

You are lucky to see this elegant house that features a graceful outdoor space and a functional interior layout. It utilizes a lot that measures 12.8 x 11.8 meters with a corresponding usable space of 138.0 sq. meters. The floor layout hosts a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

This house plan is full of unique and amazing features. You will enjoy a full stop at the gorgeous porch, enjoy the space and then move to the inner space through sliding glass doors. Once inside, you will notice the great living room with lots of comforts that sits in the middle part. The dining area and kitchen enjoy privacy on the right corner at the back.

On the other hand, the three bedrooms border the great room on the left and back sections. It is very noticeable that the interior focuses on a high level of accessibility and privacy. Each bedroom enjoys a private ensuite with complete amenities and walk-in-robes. Meanwhile, the spacious and inviting two-car garage finds its comfortable spot on the front right corner of the house.

Overall, this elegant design with beautiful aesthetics and comfortable outdoor space will win the hearts of many families.

Credit to: Naibann

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