Designing a modern living room

How many times have you heard or read about modern design? How many times have you seen one? Do you like this concept? Would you want to give your living room an overhaul and give it a touch of modern interior design? Read on to get some ideas on how to style your living room and get that coveted modern look.

Characteristics of modern design

Modern design is a stylistic movement that started at the turn of the 2oth century.  It is based on the idea that form follows function.  This design is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and simplistic decor.  Every piece in a modern space should serve a clear purpose. Therefore, most components of modern design, from the furniture to the shape of the rooms, include clean, straight lines with no additional detail. It is the antithesis of older designs present in the Renaissance and the Victorian era, which use curves and sweeping lines. 

 To be able to characterize or identify a design being modern, it needs to have key features. It invites creativity and experimentation but exudes simplicity and minimalism. One of the key features of a modern living room is that they have an open floor plan that runs freely connecting to other areas in the house like the kitchen or the dining room. This setup gives an impression of an open, spacious, and bright area. No walls are used to divide the areas. 


How to design a modern living room

  1. Minimalism is the focal point of modern design and contemporary design.  Simplicity is expressed in the “less is more” approach to designing a space. This basically means that there are no lavish decorations, no extravagant details like moldings, excessive use of color, and use of textiles like embroidered curtains or draperies. The things that you put in the living room are streamlined for efficiency and necessity. Only include the necessary and get rid of accessories. 

  2. Most homes that employ modern design use neutral colors or earth colors. Black, white, and gray, or a combination of these three colors are the main hues that are seen in the walls or posts.  To avoid looking dull and plain, bold and loud colors may be used as accents to create focal points. These colors should be used sparingly to make them stand out and provide a pleasing contrast. They may be used as abstract wall art, throw pillows, rugs, sofa, or furniture.

  3. To separate the living area from the dining or kitchen, use a planter room divider and put green, leafy plants. This would surely enliven the space with greenery.  To keep metal and steel features of the modern design flaunting, install a chandelier or put a wooden bookshelf with metal frames in one corner. 
  4. One of the main features of modern design is the presence of large floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows with metal frames. Keep the windows undressed to allow for natural light to enter the house. You can install blinds instead of curtains. You can put a pot of plant on either side of the door or window as an accent.
  5. The gorgeousness of lighting and ceilings is taking modern design to the next level.  Most homes these days have gorgeous lighting that makes their living rooms really look luxurious and elegant. Install a chandelier and pin lights and keep that living room resemble those in fancy hotels. 

    With those tips, I hope that you can create the modern living room of your dreams.  There are more techniques for creating that ultimate modern living room.  You can experiment with new things. Unleash that interior designer in you. Keep visiting our website for more house design concepts and house tips.

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