Elevated Bungalow House Concepts with 3 Bedrooms

Dream of every Family is to have a house they can call their own. To accomplish this, it entails hard work, effort and perseverance to save money. Nowadays, building a house is not easy anymore, so you need thorough planning for the right house for you. This house concept is suited for a medium size family.

The total floor area is 213 square meters with 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining, and a kitchen. The elevated entrance porch is also a place to receive guests since there is a portion where visitors and seat and have coffee. 

Windows doors on the exterior face are mainly aluminum framed glass windows and doors. This is to allow as much light as possible and to be a well-ventilated house. The roof is also noticeable with a dormer to ventilate the air in between the roof and ceiling.







The floor plan above will show you the birds-eye view of the interior of the house showing all the essential parts. Make sure to include this design when you are planning to build your house in the future as it gives you design options in terms of bedroom positions and the extrior look itself. 

Image Credit: Benjamas Home

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