Elevated Single Level House in Dark Brown Tones

Every house stands unique in its own style. With a striking architectural expression of contemporary living, this elevated single level house plan will let you smile every day. This home design is stylish with the type of materials and the assembly of concepts. Well, this might be the design you’re looking for to start a family. The living space of 95.0 sq. meters converts efficiently to a smart layout.

Picture of Elevated Single Level House in Dark Brown Tones

This modern home gorgeously reflects the natural, serene exterior, which offers immeasurable comfort. The exterior facade blends various building design elements like marble tiles, wood, veneer stones, steel, and glass which generates a stunning curb appeal. Utilizing a brown tone with an accent of white and grey registers a striking appeal and lends the elevation a fascinating atmosphere.

The exterior façade highlights an elevated front verandah that looks charming with brown floor marble tiles, prominent columns with accents of veneer stones, and white stucco. Likewise, the steel guardrails and a flat roof secure the space, which also serves as an extension of the inner spaces for relaxation.

Picture of Elevated Single Level House in Dark Brown Tones

The comfy exterior is highlighted by a base with brown-colored bricks, a glass entrance door, French-type translucent, glass windows, well-defined pillars, a high-pitched gable roof with natural wood under-roof, and beautiful lights that illuminate the building at night time.  These elements come together with tidy and refined workmanship that exudes finesse, and sophistication.

In a nice location and green setting, this design also maximizes comfort. In fact, the cozy surroundings and numerous glass elements combine together to bring the interior pleasantness. While they shower tons of natural air and light, the interior looks brighter and feels cozier.

Specifications of Elevated Single Level House in Dark Brown Tones

You discover a comfortable house with a smart layout that sits in a lot that measures 9.0 x 11.6 meters. The usable building space of 95.0 sq. meters spreads to a verandah, balcony, living room, prayer room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The internal layout features a high level of privacy and a reasonable degree of accessibility.

The charming verandah offers full access to the great living room through glass doors. While inside, you will find yourself at the heart of the great room in the middle of the plan. The living room is flanked by the dining room and kitchen in front, and two bedrooms on the right and left sides. The master suite with a private bath and completer amenities occupies the entire left section. On the other hand, the secondary bedroom settles comfortably on the right side.

Meanwhile, the kitchen at the back is unique with wooden battens serving as an exhaust to minimize the smell inside. The kitchen exits to the rear outdoor living through a small balcony. The outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining, relaxation, and outdoor dining. 

Indeed, a charming design of combined aesthetics and comfort.

Credit to: AP Design Home

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