Elevated Single Storey House with Stylish Accents

Contemporary living in the middle of farmland? This stunning elevated single storey house plan may be your family’s top choice for its superb design and stylish accents. The trendy exterior facade creates a dynamic visual appeal, and the comfortable outdoors is perfect to relax and enjoy. This splendid modern house has 93.0 sq. meters of heated and cooled living space that hosts two bedrooms for an average size family.

Picture of Elevated Single Storey House with Stylish Accents

Features of Elevated Single Storey House Design

If you have an eye for smart design, you’ll love a plan that headlines a gorgeous terrace that introduces the inner spaces. The fusion of white, grey, brown, and orange hues lends the elevation a striking yet fascinating character.

As can be seen, this design screams elegance with an inspired combination of natural building materials that further radiates the artistic vibrancy of the home. The wall cladding and soaring columns with accents of stucco, veneer stones, and stucco, iron laths, transparent glass doors, translucent windows, and clean rooflines join together to create a sophisticated masterpiece.

The comfort level of this house is immeasurable. In fact, the well-placed glass elements shower tons of natural light and air making the interior brighter and cozier. Besides, aside from aesthetics, the glass panels provide a wonderful view of the outdoors that is bright and breezy. Equally, the spacious well-trimmed landscaping floods volumes of air that make the inner space even more pleasant.  

Picture of Elevated Single Storey House with Stylish Accents

Perhaps one of the most excellent features of this modern home design is defined by three layers of shed roofs stacked over each other and sloping to the rear. The tidy white ceilings and graceful wooden under-roof in grey color are beyond description. Likewise, considering the exterior walls with a spotless plaster finish in a classy white tone, the exterior explodes and exudes class, finesse, and elegance.

Specifications of Elevated Single Storey House

Comfort and style await you with this modern-style home with lovely exterior features and simple interior layout. The house sits in a usable space of 93.0 sq. meters from a lot that measures 11.0 x 8.5 meters. The space hosts a terrace, balcony living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

A gorgeous terrace welcomes you and gives you a grand view. Stepping inside, you’ll also love the open and airy feel of the house, with its variety of glass panels making the rooms brilliant and bright. Likewise, the open floor plan is great for entertaining despite each size.

The great room – living room, dining room, and kitchen enjoys a free-flowing concept. They occupy the middle part of the layout which offers better mobility and accessibility.  Meanwhile, the bedrooms sit diagonally, on the front right and back left corners.

Overall, this one storey house will inspire many families with its stylish aesthetics and the ultimate comfort it offers.

Credit to: Naibann

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