Exclusive Modern House Plan with a Swimming Pool

Looking for a spacious and stylish home with a swimming pool? This exclusive modern house plan is loaded with beauty, comfort, and convenience. It features a well-designed 205 square meter floor plan with contemporary amenities. Moreover, it also showcases spacious and well-laid outdoor spaces from front to rear which is a perfect extension of the inner spaces for relaxation. With a swimming pool and large verandah, the family can relax and enjoy outdoor activities.

Features of Exclusive Modern House Plan

Unquestionably, this excellent design is an eye-catcher and is full of sleek and remarkable concepts.  A combination of white, cream, grey, and brown hues creates a striking and elegant façade and lends the elevation a warm and inviting atmosphere.  

The house design features clean and sharp lines that catch your eye and draw it towards the entire façade. The main entrance looks unique and stylish with an elevated verandah designed with marble tiles, and steel guardrails, and is secured by a flat canopy roof that extends to the carport.

Picture of Exclusive Modern House Plan with a Swimming Pool

Furthermore, the exterior façade explodes with sophistication with stylish architectural concepts. The right elevation looks striking with stone wall cladding that defines timeless style and grace. Similarly, the wooden battens in the middle offer an additional appeal that heightens the aesthetic value of the house. Moreover, the prominent cross hip roof assembly with grey tiles and white ceilings is incredibly amazing. These elements along with the exterior walls treated with plaster finish in a cream shade join together to generate a real marvel that exudes class and finesse.

Comfort and style are the gifts of this home design. The entire elevation is enveloped with glass elements that both bring the aesthetic sense and comfort to a high level. Besides, they offer the house a balance of privacy and natural light and at the same time, offer the family excellent views of the external living areas. Obviously, with tons of light and air that transmit inside, the inner spaces look brighter and feel cozier. Likewise, the spacious outdoor living space with well-trimmed landscaping also floods volumes of air that make the interior more comfortable.

Specifications of Exclusive Modern House Plan

This contemporary design boasts coziness with a comfortable interior and outdoor spaces. Certainly, neighbors and passersby will turn their heads up while staring at this beautiful house. It stands on a land size of 17.0 x 18.0 meters and a building space of 13.0 x 14.0 meters. The usable space spreads to a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

The tasteful glass elements of this house are simply stunning! The gorgeous verandah offers full access to the delightfully sunny great room through glass doors which is spacious enough to host any gathering in comfort. The living spaces in an open floor plan join the living area, dining area, and kitchen that occupy the left section of the plan. The rear glass doors provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and add to the bright and breezy atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the entire right side hosts the private zone of two bedrooms with identical sizes and designs. The rooms are truly a retreat with their own private baths, complete amenities, bathtubs and showers, and walk-in closets. Step outside at the back, relax and enjoy your time by a dip in the lovely swimming pool. Elsewhere, the inviting carport sits comfortably on the right side of the house. For outdoor dining, every part on the outside is a perfect place.

Indeed, this home with beautiful aesthetics and comfort has everything you need and more!

Credit to: Trendy Home

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