Exclusive Prairie Home Design with Superb Exterior

To have a functional and efficient house doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of it. We introduce an exclusive prairie home design that characterizes a smart combination of a few classic elements with the present twist. This design showcases key elements like open space, clean lines and proportions, and natural lighting. Moreover, this house in earth tones makes it an ideal choice for the current changing lifestyle.  Discover why this house stands trendy in its own style.

Picture of Exclusive Prairie Home Design with Superb Exterior

Features of Exclusive Prairie Home Design

Undoubtedly, the featured house is an eye-catcher with stunning architectural concepts, assembly, and workmanship.  A blend of white, cream, brown, and grey shades lends the elevation a cool vibe and homey appeal. Likewise, this design in soft colors creates a fascinating atmosphere.

This contemporary home plan is packed full of radiant and elegant details. It starts with the main entrance that looks fabulous and stylish with an elevated terrace designed with brown marble tiles and prominent columns with sconce lights. Additionally, the gorgeous hip roof that secures the terrace is elegant and impressive.  

Picture of Exclusive Prairie Home Design with Superb Exterior

You will feel comfortable everywhere. The cozy frontage with brimming landscaping showers tons of air that makes the inner space pleasant.  Likewise, you will observe the glass doors and windows that give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Besides, aside from aesthetics, these glass elements give the family the privilege to see the picturesque outside panoramic view

Moreover, the exterior looks impressive with a well-defined cross hip roof assembly designed with light brown tiles, fascia board, and ceilings both in white color.  Meanwhile, perhaps one of the amazing characteristics of this contemporary house design is the spotless exterior walls with plaster finish in a soft grey tone. Consequently, the refined workmanship of the entire façade exudes finesse and sophistication.

Specifications of Exclusive Prairie Home Design

You’re lucky to discover a house of aesthetics and comfort with a functional layout and dedicated spaces. This house stands in a lot that measures 9.0 x 13.0 meters which gives a usable space of 106.0 sq. meters. The floor layout spreads to a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

You will enjoy a full stop at the gorgeous terrace, and enjoy the space that will usher you to the inner space through glass doors. Once inside, you will notice the great living room that is airy and bright as tons of natural light and air penetrates through the glass. Move your eyes around and you’ll notice the living spaces occupying the left corner of the plan. The living room gives access to the dining and kitchen in front. Meanwhile, the private zone borders the living room in three dedicated corners on the right and back sections.  

Overall, this design offers tons of natural light which is beneficial to families considering health issues.  Unquestionably, you will love this house that floats in the middle of a comfortable outdoor living space.

Credit to: TP5 Home

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