Glamorous Contemporary Home with Stunning Visual Appeal

Modern house designs provide the true definition of contemporary architecture. You’re lucky to see this glamorous contemporary home is prominent for its grace, clean lines, and interesting rooflines that leave an enduring impression from the moment you set your eyes on it. If you are keen on great designs, then feast your eyes on this new home with a subtly asymmetric exterior with elegant and striking features.

Picture of Glamorous Contemporary Home with Stunning Visual Appeal

Features of Glamorous Contemporary Home 

We’re bringing you a one storey modern house plan that cuts down on wasted space and maximizes comfort and ease of living in both exterior and interior spaces. As can be seen, the exterior screams with stylish concepts in a fusion of white, grey, and brown hues with a little accent of orange. Specifically, the color mix creates a warm and dynamic design expression.

Picture of Glamorous Contemporary Home with Stunning Visual Appeal

The exterior is partly symmetric, and outwardly reflects the feeling of fascination and peace you’ll get once you strep in front of the house. The following elements join together to generate an absolutely glamorous residence.

  • cantilever-style L-shaped verandah designed with steel framed floor with accents of wooden flooring tiles and secured by steel guardrails
  • wall cladding on the top of the windows accented by multi-color sandstones and white stucco
  • translucent glass doors and windows in dark brown frames installed in appropriate locations
  • three layers of shed roofs with gentle and sweeping rooflines
  • exterior walls in plain raw cement finish
  • lovely garden and brimming landscaping

Picture of Glamorous Contemporary Home with Stunning Visual Appeal

Undoubtedly, this design promotes comfort in every space and every angle. The lovely garden and lush landscaping flood the house with tons of natural air that brings the inside to pleasantness. Likewise, Likewise, you will observe the carefully placed glass elements that offer the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Windows overlooking the surroundings let the dappled sunlight in, thus, making the inner spaces look brighter and feel comfier.

Specifications of Glamorous Contemporary Home

This home has both a beautiful contemporary exterior and a supremely comfortable floor plan as well. The usable building space of 98 sq. meters hosts a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, arranged in a smart layout.

The sliding translucent glass door ushers you into a cozy inner space. Coming from the verandah, you’ll find yourself at the heart of the great room. The living and dining rooms room are completely open to each other, which makes for an infinitely configurable furniture layout. Just past the dining room is the kitchen on the right side.

The living spaces settle on the right side of the plan. Whereas, the left and back sections are where the bedrooms are. The master suite is privately located at the left corner with a private ensuite and large closet. Meanwhile, the secondary bedrooms are positioned in the back section just in front and adjacent to the dining room. 

To top it all, this is a very carefully considered, and well-designed modern house plan, that has all the essentials along with a great deal of style! 

Credit to: Naibann 

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