Gorgeous Two-Bedroom House Design with Trendy Exterior

Are you scouting for a house with comfy outdoor living, an inviting setting, and a tasteful sense of nostalgia? A haven that offers a serene environment is perhaps what you need for stress-free living. Welcome to this gorgeous two-bedroom house design with gifts of style and comfort. So, come closer to nature and experience the convenience of life you will never find in the metropolis.

Picture of Gorgeous Two-Bedroom House Design with Trendy Exterior


Houses do not only define sizes, beauty, or comfort. In fact, it’s more than how it looks or what it is made of that makes it aesthetically appealing and comfortable for the family. You will really love this mountain home design in a fusion of various shades of grey and brown hues. You can feel the cool vibe and homey appeal of this house the moment you set foot in front of it.

Picture of Gorgeous Two-Bedroom House Design with Trendy Exterior

A covered L-shaped verandah with marble tiles and a flat roof supported by wooden battens creates an inviting entry to the internal spaces.  Move your eyes around and you’ll observe the exterior façade that explodes in style with a wooden entry door, wall cladding accented by wood elements, rectangular pillar embellished by grey marble slabs, a combination of fixed and awning type of windows, and glass door panels.  

Picture of Gorgeous Two-Bedroom House Design with Trendy Exterior

As can be seen, this house is loaded with comfort both in the external and internal spaces. The location and setting with brimming landscaping is a regular supplier of tons of air that makes the interior pleasant. Equally, with sufficient glass panes, volumes of natural light and air flow inside making the spaces brighter and comfier.

Picture of Gorgeous Two-Bedroom House Design with Trendy Exterior

One amazing feature of the spotless and refined workmanship in the exterior walls that explodes in mineral plaster finish in various shades of grey.

Picture of Gorgeous Two-Bedroom House Design with Trendy Exterior

Interior Design of Gorgeous Two-Bedroom House Design

The charm of the exterior façade extends to the elegance of the inner spaces. The interior is tidy and well-organized too, considering all aspects.  You will also love the interior concepts of the entire space, arrangement of furniture, and accessories including the decorations in grey and brown tones from floor to walls and ceilings.

Living Room

The inner spaces focus on beauty and comfort. As can be seen, the concepts make the great room of the inner spaces gleam in brightness and along with comfort create a conducive interior. The elegance extends to other parts of the house which also bursts in soft colors.

Dining Room


Dining Room and Kitchen



Specifications of Gorgeous Two-Bedroom House Design

This design boasts an open floor concept design of the great room giving you easy access to every room. It stands in a lot that measures 8.0 x 7.3 meters with a usable space of 58.0 sq. meters only.  The usable space of the internal layout spreads to a verandah, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

With a compact layout and straightforward layout, the inner space is accessible through a wooden door. Once inside, you will find yourself at the heart of the airy living room as natural light streams through the glazed walls. The living spaces occupy the left side, while the entire right section hosts the two bedrooms and the common bath. The master suite sits on the front corner, while the secondary bedroom occupies the opposite corner.


Overall, this bungalow house is perfect for families who want comfort, freedom, and privacy.   

Credit to: 3D KH Design

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