Graceful Family Home Design with Stones Wall Cladding

This comfortable and graceful family home design has a great idea of well-being and convenience for the family. The house stands in the middle of farmland with lots of coziness to offer. For families who want to feel the serenity of nature, this is a great home for some precious time to enjoy.  Certainly, it will be a big relief to experience quiet moments and stress-free life in this house.  

Houses do not only speak of sizes, beauty, or comfort. In fact, it’s more than how it looks or what materials compose it.  made of. You will really love this design in a blend of cream, grey, and brown hues that creates a cool vibe and pleasant atmosphere.

This graceful house design utilizes a small lot with only 42.0 sq. meters floor area. The exterior façade features a wooden door as the main entryway to access the internal paces. Besides, the design reestablishes the qualities of the surrounding natural landscape. Small and simple, this glazed house is built in a setting nestled with beautiful landscaping and surrounded by verdant trees. The exterior is in a neutral color scheme that complements its surroundings.

This modern house plan boasts a small porch secured by a steel column and roof frame with polycarbonate sheets. The beauty of the exterior is heightened by the prominent clad wall accented by brown veneer stones and a series of glass panes that increases the aesthetic value of the house. Additionally, the charming shed roof with grey tiles and brown ceilings along with the tidy exterior walls in white plaster finish jointly exude class and elegance.

Picture of Graceful Family Home Design with Stones Wall Cladding

Specifications of Graceful Family Home Design

This design features a compact open floor plan giving you easy access to all rooms. It stands in a lot that measures 6.0 x 7.0 meters which yields a usable space of 42.0 sq. meters. The internal layout spreads to a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, one bedroom, and one bathroom.

In a straightforward layout, the inner space is accessible through a wooden door. Once inside, you will find yourself at the heart of the airy living room as natural light streams through the glazed walls. The living spaces occupy the front and right sections, while the lone bedroom sits on the left back corner.

Overall, despite the size of the house, the internal layout screams in well-arranged and elegant concepts.

Credit to: 3D KH Design

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