Graceful Modern-Style House with Regal Glass Walls

Modern home designs have stamped their authority as the favorite choices of most homebuyers. Actually, their styles are trendy because of their freedom to create new concepts that cater to all family statuses and ages. Besides, since they involve freestyle designs, then you can integrate your lifestyle and character. This graceful modern-style house is a sight to behold with the rich detailing of the building elements.

Picture of Graceful Modern-Style House with Regal Glass Walls


Features of Graceful Modern-Style House 

This stylish design is dominated by glass elements that create a lasting impression. It even shines more in a blend of white, cream, and grey hues offering a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. The exterior looks simple, but the simplicity and refined workmanship are what make it stand out

This house plan headlines an elevated verandah with brown marble tiles that serve as the entrance to the inner spaces. This space looks gorgeous with steel guardrails, wooden battens, and a flat roof. Equally, this verandah is best to bring the interior space outside for relaxation and enjoy the panoramic view around.

Picture of Graceful Modern-Style House with Regal Glass Walls

Perfectly designed with all the comfort and convenience of the family, this home is surrounded by lots of windows providing natural light – making the house airy and bright. With tons of light and air, the inner spaces look brighter and feel cozier. Most importantly, the glass elements offer the family the privilege to view the outdoor space, and at the same time protect the privacy of the internal rooms.

What is equally amazing with this stunning are the two assemblies of shed roofs with grey tiles and wooden under roofs both in grey color and complemented by white ceilings. Similarly, the roof and exposed exterior walls in a spotless cream plaster finish, along with the entire exterior design exude class and elegance.

Specifications of Graceful Modern-Style House 

This modern house boasts a smart internal layout that hosts a verandah, balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. 

This design boasts coziness with a comfortable inner space and an airy outdoor space. It features a floor plan with efficient utilization of space. Likewise, with an open layout, the accessibility among spaces and privacy as well is at a high level. Likewise, this design is perfectly in tune with a modern family with cleverly crafted spaces with effortless flow.  After moving through the glass doors, you will see yourself looking at the great room which is bright and cozy. Thanks to the large view door and windows.

The living spaces occupy the middle part of the plan, while the two bedrooms border the living room on opposite sides. The master suite with a private bath and a huge walk-in robe is on the right side. On the other hand, the secondary bedroom sits on the left front corner of the plan. Meanwhile, an inviting balcony at the back is also a perfect extension of the living spaces for various family functions.

To sum up, the spacious and welcoming outdoor living space is perfect for family activities, entertaining guests, and outdoor dining.

Credit to: Phakdi Design

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