Graceful Modern Vacation House with Wraparound Balcony

This comfortable and graceful modern vacation house design has a great idea of well-being and convenience for the family. The house stands in the middle of farmland with lots of comforts to offer. For families who want to be closer to nature, this is a great home to spend some precious time in a serene environment. Certainly, with tranquil surroundings, it will be a big relief to enjoy quiet moments and stress-free life.   

As can be seen, this design promotes style and comfort starting from the spacious outdoor space and extending to the inner spaces. Visibly, the brimming, perimeter landscape makes the interior comfortable with tons of natural air that penetrates inside. Equally, enormous glass elements installed around the building let the dappled sunlight and natural air transmit inside. Obviously, you have a brighter and comfier inner space. Most importantly, the transparent glass elements give you a clear picture of the outside panoramic view.

Picture of Graceful Modern Vacation House with Wraparound Balcony

This charming vacation house headlines an elevated wraparound balcony designed with wooden tiles, and a wooden bench for seating, and is secured by columns and a shed roof. You can also bring the interior space to the balcony for relaxation. Simply open the glass doors to allow quick access to the living space, and invite fresh air to penetrate inside.

This design highlights the use of numerous transparent glass panels in wooden frames. The transparent glass walls provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and add to the bright and breezy atmosphere. Likewise, both spaces are visible from each side where the beauty of the outdoor living space easily comes into view.

Picture of Graceful Modern Vacation House with Wraparound Balcony

Specifications of Graceful Modern Vacation House

A delightfully sunny space highlighted by glass elements is the centerpiece of this modern one-story house plan. The internal layout with a usable space of 144.0 sq. meters spreads to a balcony, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

A straightforward floor plan features a spacious balcony that will usher you into the inner spaces. You will observe the great living room sitting in the front left corner that can host various family entertainment. A wall partition separates the dining area and kitchen from the living room that sit together on the opposite corner at the back. Meanwhile, the entire right section hosts the two bedrooms with identical sizes and concepts,

Overall, this design with extreme comfort will inspire families who want to enjoy a great vacation.

Credit to: Design and Construction for Lampang

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