How to Clean the Kitchen Efficiently in 1 Hour

Being the center of your home life and space where nourishment takes place, the kitchen is the heart of your home. In modern times, this room is classified as an extension of the living area, becoming the host venue in entertaining the guests. Therefore, it is a must that the kitchen has always to look clean and presentable. Cleaning the kitchen daily is imperative for maintaining a space that always looks and feels its best. However, deep cleaning is a smart idea. Actually, having a clean kitchen feels like the first step of having a completely clean house. Let this blog guide you on how to clean the kitchen in an hour time.

In house maintenance, it is always a great feeling if all the rooms and spaces are ultimately clean. Cleaning is a bit difficult, but it has to be performed. That’s right. Even though the kitchens are one of the most difficult spaces to clean, whipping them into shape can take place in just 60 minutes. Plan and follow a guide on what to clean, how to clean, and in what order. You should understand that while this isn’t going to be an extensive, deep cleaning, it will completely reset your space.

The best way to approach a kitchen cleanse is by designating a specific amount of time for each step of your cleaning and organizing process. And while you can certainly choose to change up the order in which you tackle each step, the important thing is, you complete the activities within the time frame. Here are the helpful tips to keep in mind on how to clean the kitchen quickly but efficiently.

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Tips on How to Clean the Kitchen Quickly and Efficiently
Time frame: 1-15 Minutes 

Sources of clutter in kitchen cabinets and countertops which are occupying too many spaces:  Expired foods and condiments empty boxes or jars. You can spare 15 minutes in getting rid of these. Throw the expired foods and packages that are close to empty you know you will never use them again. Meanwhile, you can set aside for donation the non-perishables which are getting close to expiring.

Time frame: 16-30 Minutes  

After cleaning the clutter, focus your time on the dishes, the area where most households ignore while organizing. Generally, dishes have their own designated spots, so naturally, they are returned right back after using and cleaning. However, you can go through everything and tidy up your cupboards. Start with the mugs and glasses – clean, recycle and dispose the cracked and damaged items. Then attend to the plates, bowls, and utensils following the same procedures as the first activity.

Time frame: 31-45 Minutes  

You are halfway and this time, move onto your utility items like pots and pans, slow cookers, blenders, coffee makers, and other cooking gadgets. Firstly, if you’ve never used an item and you’ve owned it for six months (or a year if it’s something you only use seasonally) donate it. Then go through the items which you are actually using. Check and remove the items that are not in good shape or those you are planning to replace. Keep only the good ones and keep on the respective storage.

Time frame: 46-60 Minutes

You are done with fixing the clutter and organizing all kitchen materials. Your final minutes, all that you need is to give all the surfaces a quick cleaning. It doesn’t have to be deep cleaning, but just a bit of refreshing to make everything sparkle and shine. And that’s it. You have a more functional kitchen ready to offer better services.

To be more presentable, finish up by sweeping the floor, and then you are ready to reward yourself with a great cocktail treat to relax. And that’s it, the kitchen is ready for a nice meal.

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