Living Room Lighting Ideas

Interior lighting serves a huge role in bringing comfort and livability to every internal space. In fact, appropriate and smart lighting techniques define the appeal of a certain room. Nevertheless, in space decoration, most people focus on the furniture, accessories, and walls. The living room serves a lot of functions and central activity area, thus, perfect lighting should be given extra emphasis. Transform your space into an inviting place using these living room lighting ideas.

The present age represents the era where modern architectural design trends are making waves to make the register a difference. New things have changed somehow in the last few decades. Actually, space lighting becomes much more of a statement in homes and interior designers play around with size, scale, shape with fabric, and finishes. Similarly, lighting earned a serious design consideration. However, how do you define the best blend of light sources to create what designers classify as layered lighting schemes?

Total the transformation of the room is defined when lighting shines at every level and balances form and function. Let us consider the following living room lighting ideas and see how you can come up with a fascinating atmosphere.

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Smart Living Room Lighting Ideas and Concepts
  1. Create an Ambience

Create a lighting scheme at different levels of ambiance for different times of the day. Remember that lighting ideas define the mood and atmosphere. Get a dimmer and lighting control system to obtain all light sources to work together. Since lighting requirements are different every time of the day, then the dimmer can control lighting intensity according to the requirements. Actually, you have to program what lights you want, at what time and intensity. This way, you’ll have a ready-made ambiance waiting for you every day, finely tuned for every moment.

  1. Layer Your Lighting

Lighting is a brilliant way of creating texture in a room. When the living room lighting design stopped at ceiling lights or wall lights, it would feel flat. Bring at least three different sources of light so there’s illumination at every level. Accessorize the ceiling with spotlights or chandeliers, and work your way down to just above eye level with wall lights and then to table lamps, LED strip lighting along bookcase shelves, floor lamps, and candles.

  1. Choose a Centerpiece

Another living room lighting idea is to look at your scheme and choose one showstopper. Check your lighting alongside the rest of your room’s interior

design rather than in isolation, because you’re likely to have a furniture centerpiece. The purpose is to enter and have your eye immediately focused on the centerpiece and then to easily move around the room to one or two other key points of interest. So choose your lighting one wisely.

  1. Make a Statement with Modern Lighting

Get your lights noticed either by going for an over-sized, low-hung pendant in the middle of the room or an avant-garde table lamp.

  1. Use Sculptural Sconce

As much aesthetic appeal as a framed piece of art. A smart wall light is the perfect solution to smaller spaces like hallways and powder rooms or places one on either side of an art canvas to draw focus.

  1. Keep it Simple with Contemporary Lighting

Make it simple by using contemporary lighting designs. Look for classic shapes like circles or slim rectangles but in contemporary finishes and materials like marbles, brass, or matte black steel.

  1. Light Your Wall Art

Lighting your wall art is best for oils or canvasses. Meanwhile, those framed with glass won’t work as the glass reflects the light source and make it hard to see the artwork. Hence, light your art in a way that’s less traditional by going for wall light with a downcast shade that can be angled.

Bring your room to the next level. Proper lighting is sure to make your space brighter and more inviting.

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