Magnificent Modern House with Superb Dutch Gable Roof

Home to an amusing architectural expression of contemporary living, this magnificent modern house is an eye-catcher in any housing location. Whether in a private subdivision, in an urban city build, or in exclusive property, this house will definitely raise heads. Actually, the design is simple without extravagant embellishments, however, the simplicity and the workmanship make this house explodes in elegance.

Features of Magnificent Modern House

This house design showcases strength, character, and style. The front façade mixes various design elements like marble tiles, natural wood, and glass which creates a stunning curb appeal. A house in a blend of white, grey, and brown hues generates a dynamic and striking character, that lends the elevation a fascinating appeal.

Picture of Magnificent Modern House with Superb Dutch Gable Roof

Actually, what is amazing with this house is the concept of balance and symmetry, and contrast. You will observe a perfect proportion of the width against the height, the concepts on both wings and the roof assembly are symmetrical with respect to the terrace. On the other hand, the brown shade on the left creates a warm contrast with the white-painted exterior walls. Besides, the color blend of the house is visibly in contrast with the green surroundings, yet pleasant and charming.

The exterior façade features a gorgeous terrace with brown marble tiles secured by columns and a cross Dutch gable roof. The left wing features a clad wall with accents of wood, while the rest of the wall surfaces are treated with a plaster finish in a white tone. 

Picture of Magnificent Modern House with Superb Dutch Gable Roof

One of the excellent elements of this house is the sliding glass doors and awning type of windows in bronze tint and frames.  In fact, these glass elements provide tons of light and air that make the interior airy and bright. Aside from aesthetics, they offer the house a balance of privacy and natural light.

Everyone will agree to say that the Dutch gable roof is perfectly assembled. The assembly with beige-colored tegula tiles is beyond description. Move your eyes towards the exterior walls, and you’ll observe the spotless surfaces that shine in a classy white tone. Then, it is fair to say that the conglomeration of exterior concepts along with tidy workmanship exudes sophistication.

Specifications of Magnificent Modern House

This contemporary home design will be the envy of neighbors and passersby. It stands in a lot with a usable building space of 154.0 sq. meters from a lot that measures 11.0 x 14.0 meters. The total cooled and heated living space hosts a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, storage room, and washing area.

The tasteful glass elements of this house are simply stunning! The gorgeous terrace offers full access and ushers you to the great living room which is spacious enough to host any gathering in comfort. The living spaces occupy the left side, while the right and back section hosts the private zone.

The interior design will capture your imagination. It has a fabulous open concept with a large great room overlooking the gorgeous kitchen and dining area. The master suite with its private bath and walk-in closet is split from the other bedrooms to maximize privacy. It occupies the front right corner, while the secondary bedrooms sit comfortably in the back section.

Overall, this home design built in a private lot, conducive location, with a green setting is best for its comfort. For families who want a serene atmosphere, you can experience quiet and stress-free life in this house with a brimming outdoor living space.

Credit to: Pro Home Decors

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