Modern Style Box-Type House with a Narrow Layout

Some houses just speak to you immediately. This modern style box-type house design ensures that it does not only have a beautiful exterior but a comfortable setup as well. If you’re scouting for a house that is both trendy and comfortable, then, you’re lucky to see this small stunning modern home with incredible views. It might be small, but it has the complete amenities and services of a family home.

Gracefulness and elegance define this small house. The architectural concepts are aesthetically appealing that scream in a blend of white, grey, and brown tones in the elevation that lends a fascinating atmosphere.

Picture of Modern Style Box-Type House with a Narrow Layout

This house has a simple exterior façade. However, its simplicity with refined workmanship exudes class and elegance with its height proportional for a single-story house. It features a small porch that ushers you to access the inner spaces. In spite of the size, the exterior looks elegant with wall cladding accented by brown-colored veneer stones, a canopy-like roof on the perimeter, and concrete battens on the elevation.  

Nothing much can describe the facade except that the exterior walls gleam with a spotless plaster finish in grey shade. Additionally, you will also love the elevation enveloped with sufficient, well-placed glass panels.  They give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. The roof deck with brown tiles and enclosed by a concrete perimeter fence is very remarkable which is functional for extension of the inner spaces for relaxation and hosting various family functions.

Picture of Modern Style Box-Type House with a Narrow Layout

Interior Design of Modern Style Box-Type House

The exterior and interior of this home project a very cool and homey yet practical ambiance that’s just perfect for everyday living. The inner spaces are bright and feel cozy with lots of natural air and light that flow to the interior.

The interior focuses on beauty and comfort. Although small, the space is neat and well-organized too, with all the furniture and decor in it. You will also love the overall concept of the entire space, and the arrangement of furniture, including the decorations in beige and brown colors. Additionally, the tidy walls in beige paint with a bright atmosphere are a nod to the modern setting.

The entire inner space looks in uniform colors.

Picture of Modern Style Box-Type House with a Narrow Layout

Specifications of Modern Style Box-Type House

This modern design features a compact and straightforward layout that covers a floor area of 36.0 sq. meters only. The usable space provides a porch, living room, dining area, kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.  

A simple rectangular layout features the living spaces in an open concept that occupies the left side of the plan. On the other hand, the right section hosts the two bedrooms and the lone bathroom that sits between them.

Meanwhile, the outdoor living space around the house is perfect for relaxation. The comfort that the lush landscaping offers is perfect for outdoor dining and hosting events and functions.
Indeed, a beautiful house to own.

Credit to: Sam House Plans

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