Modern Three-Bedroom House Plan with Double Garage

We introduce a modern three-bedroom house plan that characterizes a clever combination of a few classic elements with the present twist. This home design features key elements like open space, clean contemporary lines, and natural lighting. Additionally, this house in earth tones makes it an ideal option for the current changing lifestyle.  Find out why this one storey house stands trendy in its own style.

Great description doesn’t give justice to the rich layered livability and beauty of this contemporary home. It stands in a comfy setting, in a blend of white, grey, and brown hues creating an elegant façade. In fact, the color combination delivers a comforting atmosphere and lends the elevation class and style.

Picture of Modern Three-Bedroom House Plan with Double Garage

Features of Modern Three-Bedroom House Plan

This house design is strong, classic, and inherently sophisticated. The following elements make this house stand out that will suit any housing location.

  • an elevated terrace with marble tiles, battens, and a robust pillar with accents of brown marble tiles
  • wall cladding on the carport and right with accents of similar marble tiles as the pillar
  • enormous glass elements in dark brown aluminum frames
  • two-car garage with the well-defined column, battens, and graceful hip roof
  • exterior walls in white mineral plaster finish
  • cross hip roof assembly with grey tiles and white ceilings
  • smartly-designed interior layout
  • lovely garden and landscaping

Picture of Modern Three-Bedroom House Plan with Double Garage

This beautiful residence is wrapped up with a delightful exterior with large-sized glass doors and windows. In fact, the glass elements shower the inner spaces with tons of light and air that makes the inside look brighter and feel cozier. Likewise, the outdoor living space with brimming landscaping also bathes the house with lots of natural air that allows the inside to be more comfortable.  

Moreover, this home view plan with a graceful frontage stands remarkable with a cross hip roof. The assembly along with the spotless exterior walls generate an impressive building that looks prominent and elegant.

Specifications of Modern Three Bedroom House Plan

This contemporary design will be the envy of neighbors and passersby. It stands in a lot that measures 10.65 x 9.25 meters. It has a usable building space of 124.0 sq. meters representing 92.0 for the living space, 7.0 for the terrace, and 25.0 for the carport. The layout hosts a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage.  

You will pass the terrace to access the internal space through sliding glass doors. Once inside, directly ahead of you is an impressive great room that is airy and bright which is perfect for family entertainment. The living spaces sit in the middle of the layout that enjoys a free-flowing concept.

On the other hand, the private zone of three bedrooms borders the great room: on opposite sides.   The master suite with a private ensuite is on the left, while the entire left section hosts the secondary bedrooms. Meanwhile, the two-car garage sits comfortably on the left corner beside the master suite.

Overall, this splendid contemporary house plan with modern touch and feel exudes grace and elegance.

Credit to: SJ Akitek House and Building Design 

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