Narrow Modern Bungalow House with Stunning Gable Roof

It can be difficult to find the right home for a narrow lot. Because of this, at times, people sacrifice functionality in order to fit a home onto a narrow lot. However, it can be easier than you think. At the first glance, you’ll appreciate the drama and class of this narrow modern bungalow house with a stunning gable roof.

Picture of Narrow Modern Bungalow House with Stunning Gable Roof

This contemporary home design beautifully reflects the natural, serene exterior, paired with an easy living floor plan. The design emphasizes strength, character, and style. The front façade mixes various building design elements like concrete, marble tiles, wood, stacked stones, bricks, and glass creating a stunning curb appeal. The fusion of white, cream, grey, and brown hues generates a dynamic and striking appeal.

Picture of Narrow Modern Bungalow House with Stunning Gable Roof

The exterior façade conveys a good balance of the materials, concepts, and workmanship that lends the house an enduring charm. It highlights an elevated front balcony that looks gorgeous with floor marble tiles, well-defined pillars accented by veneer stones, and white stucco. Likewise, being secured by a gable roof, it is provided with concrete benches for seating, it is also functional as an extension of the inner spaces for relaxation.

Picture of Narrow Modern Bungalow House with Stunning Gable Roof

A delightfully cozy exterior is highlighted by a base with bricks, a wood entrance door with framed glass sidelites, numerous glass windows in brown frames, prominent pillars, high-pitched gable roofs with brown tiles, and white ceilings. These elements come together and with tidy and refined workmanship create a home that exudes class, finesse, and sophistication.

Additionally, this design also maximizes comfort and ease of living. In fact, the cozy surroundings and glass elements join together to make the interior pleasant. As they shower tons of natural air and light, the interior looks brighter and feels comfier

Specifications of Narrow Modern Bungalow House

This is a smart concept that features a narrow lot. A rectangular lot of 6.4 x 15.0 meters yields a usable building space of 90.0 sq. meters. The compact internal floor plan hosts a balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

A simple floor plan with a simple layout. The gorgeous balcony usher you to access the internal spaces. Once inside, you will find yourself in the cozy living room that enjoys an open concept with the dining room and kitchen. The living spaces occupy the right side, while the entire right section hosts the private zone of two bedrooms.

The outdoor living spaces are much larger than what would usually be a home of this size and shape. In fact, they perfectly suit entertaining, relaxation, and outdoor dining.  

Indeed, a beautiful house with elegant exterior aesthetics.

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