Narrow Modern Home Plan with High Ceilings

Are you planning to build or buy a new house? Actually, owning a house is exciting. It’s a precious investment and offers you a sense of belonging, freedom, and security.  You have to be smart with your decisions concerning concepts, layout, and colors to use. Likewise, you also pay attention to the lot size and location because these are essential factors that will define your house. You may want to consider building this narrow modern home plan that is both stylish and comfortable.

Picture of Narrow Modern Home Plan with High Ceilings

Features of Narrow Modern Home Plan

This house is aesthetically appealing, which boosts the aesthetic sense and also helps lessen the heat inside because of its comforting features. A blend of cream and grey hues in the elevation lends a cool vibe and homey appeal. A small balcony headlines this house designed with marble tiles and secured by a prominent column and a flat roof.

This design offers style and comfort with lovely features that meet the demands of the family who wants healthy living. The façade is enveloped by massive glass panes that both heighten the aesthetic value and increase comfort in the interior. Likewise, the glazed walls offer an expansive view of the surroundings and invite plenty of natural light that allows the interior to look brighter and feel cozier. Furthermore, the brimming lush landscaping also floods volumes of natural air which makes the inner spaces even more comfortable. Additionally, this design is also functional with high ceilings that offer an immediate sense of light and space.

Picture of Narrow Modern Home Plan with High Ceilings

This contemporary home design is streamlined with clean and sharp lines from floor to roof that create a distinguished curb appeal. Meanwhile, one impressive element of this modern design is the well-designed shed roof sloping to the rear with grey-colored tiles, brown gable, and white ceilings. The refined workmanship along with the spotless exterior walls in grey plaster finish with white outlines exude class and finesse.

Specifications of Narrow Modern Home Plan 

This design stands in a lot that measures 6.0 x 10.5 meters with a usable space of 63.0 sq. meters. The design features a straightforward internal layout that spreads into a balcony, terrace, living room, dining area and kitchen, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.

The inviting balcony will usher you access to the great room through glass doors. Upon entrance, you will observe the living room that occupies the left section of the plan. The dining room and kitchen sit at the back, while the bedrooms are on the immediate right of the living room.

What is amazing with this design is the dazzling garden and landscaping that create a cozy outdoor living space. With the limitation of internal spaces, the outer surrounding is a great extension for relaxation and perfect for outdoor dining.

Indeed, this modern house design has nothing to offer but ultimate comfort.  

Credit to: Dream House 

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