One Storey House Design with Magnificent Glass Facade

A modern house design defines a perfect mix of a few classic elements with the current twist. Presently, such homes are more in demand, because they are trendy and involve key elements they offer like open spaces, contemporary lines with clean proportions and finish, and natural lighting to name a few. This one storey house design with an enormous glass façade makes it an ideal option for the current changing lifestyle.  Let us find out why this house stands trendy in its style.

Features of One Storey House Design

A sophisticated house plan, it showcases rich layered livability and beauty. Looking at this design, the first thing that you will notice is the enormous quantity of glass panels that span through the entire facade. This concept promotes coziness in both the exterior and interior spaces. Constructed in a nice location, the blend of beige and grey hues with an accent of brown tone creates a comforting atmosphere.  

Picture of One Storey House Design with Magnificent Glass Façade

This house is classic and inherently sophisticated. It headlines an elevated terrace with brown marble tiles and serves as perfect access to the inner spaces. Likewise, it also features a covered verandah accessible from the master’s bedroom. Both spaces which are secured by a flat polycarbonate roof offer the house extra areas for family relaxation.

You will love the exterior façade enveloped with wall-to-wall glass doors and windows. They allow tons of natural light and air to freely flow inside for comfort. Besides, they offer the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Moreover, the glass panes offer the internal rooms with excellent views of the external living areas while still protected from outside view. 

This home view plan with a wide frontage is provided with a combination of flat and shed roofs. It looks simple with grey tiles and fascia board and brown gable. Meanwhile, the exposed exterior walls in beige color look spotless and complement the graceful roof assembly.

Specifications of Sophisticated One-Storey Home Plan

This splendid design stands in a lot with a usable building space of 110.0 sq. meters with a smart internal layout. The entire plan spreads to a terrace, balcony, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport.

The inviting terrace ushers you to the inner spaces through sliding glass doors. Directly ahead of you is the great room that is airy and bright, and perfect for family entertainment. The living spaces occupy the left part of the plan, while the private zone of three bedrooms sits on the right section. The master suite with a private bath and huge walk-in robe is positioned in the front corner.  Conversely, the secondary bedrooms sit side by side on the opposite corner. Elsewhere, on the immediate left of the terrace is the two-car garage sitting comfortably in the inviting open space.

Meanwhile, the outdoor living space with verdant trees also showers the house with lots of natural air that allows the inside to be at a pleasant level.

Overall, this design maximizes the views with beautiful landscaping, which offers comfort for healthy living.

Credit to: Subparod Studio

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