One Storey House Plan with Contemporary Features

Stunning is the perfect word to describe this one storey house plan that stands stylish with contemporary concepts. This house justifies that designs have gone to great lengths that create trendy and functional home plans. Set in a nice, comfortable location and setting, it is fair to say that this house gives you all of the privacy and comforts you need for a healthy life.

Features of One Storey House Plan with Contemporary Features

This modern home features clean lines and simple proportions. It creates a lasting impression in a fusion of white, grey, and brown hues lending a striking appeal. Additionally, the dynamic character creates a captivating atmosphere. The architectural styles are aesthetically appealing that do not only register style and elegance but also helps to reduce the heat inside because of the comfort it brings.

This house which is both stylish and comfortable has incredible views. It headlines a gorgeous terrace with marble tiles and is secured by steel guardrails, pillars with accents of veneer stones in a brown tone, and an extended hip roof. These building elements not only secure the building but beautify it as well. The space can be more functional as it can serve as an extension of the inner space for relaxation. 

Picture of One Storey House Plan with Contemporary Features

Moreover, the exterior façade looks exciting with a clad wall accented by brown-colored stacked stones. The other surfaces are tidy with the spotless treatment of plaster finish in a mix of white and grey tones. It’s also amazing to observe the well-designed cross hip roof with grey tiles, white fascia board, and ceilings assembled on refined workmanship. Clearly, the entire concept and assembly exude class and elegance.

Meanwhile, you will feel a high level of comfort in both the outer and inner spaces. The brimming landscaping and verdant trees flood the inside with tons of natural air. Equally, the carefully placed glass doors and windows shower the interior with volumes of light and air that give the house a balance of privacy and brightness. Similarly, these glass elements provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and add to the bright and breezy atmosphere.

Specifications of One Storey House Plan with Contemporary Features

This graceful house plan boasts a functional inner space and comfortable outdoor living. It stands in a lot that gives a usable space of 106.0 sq. meters that spreads to a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

This design is perfectly in tune with a modern family with smartly designed spaces and effortless flow. The terrace provides you an access to the living spaces through sliding frosted glass doors. Once inside, you will find yourself in the great room that enjoys an open concept with the dining room. The kitchen on the other hand sits at the back right corner of the layout. Occupying the right section of the plan, the living spaces are bordered by the master suite on the left and the two secondary bedrooms at the back.  An amazing feature of the internal layout is the reasonable level of mobility and accessibility.

Overall, this design will inspire lots of homebuyers because of its beautiful aesthetics and comfort.

Credit to: Design and Construction for Lampang

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