Open Plan Kitchen Diner Concepts

Presently, kitchens are not simply ordinary spaces for food. With the increasing reputation of living spaces with open floor plan, kitchens are classified as an extension of the living area. For this reason, it becomes a place for social functions for the family and guests. Hence, it is reasonable to make your kitchen beautiful and functional. Consider the following open plan kitchen diner concepts in creating a more purposeful kitchen.

No matter what type of house you live in, in regardless of the size, the open plan kitchen diner is becoming the main space of the house. In fact, your kitchen and the way you use it make a statement about your lifestyle.

But, why prefer an open layout? Open plan kitchen diner design is a popular trend with high functionality. decades. By joining the living room with the kitchen, designers recognize this option as cost-efficient and space-friendly. Consequently, it becomes a way of bringing the family members closer together.

Smart Tips to Create Open Plan Kitchen Diner

An open space kitchen is a hall with everything in the display visible to everybody. Consider the following tips in creating an open-plan kitchen diner.

Identify your priorities

A kitchen-diner is boundless for many families. If you want to get the most from it, think of how you can benefit from it. Exercise doing the practical tasks by planning ahead. In fact, planning ahead will make things easier. An open-plan kitchen diner can also create the illusion of extra space. Fewer separate rooms mean fewer walls, fewer doorways, and a longer run of flooring, making your home seem larger and brighter.

Locate for more space

Check your current space prior to purchasing furniture and other stuff. If your kitchen is adjacent to a dining or living room, it may be possible to remove the wall to create a larger space. In fact, this will give you more freedom when designing.

Introduce natural light

Natural light is a good source of energy for health. To add a sense of space and to keep your open plan kitchen diner light, consider adding French or sliding doors to receive more natural light. It depends on how well you can make the outside a natural extension of your living space. 

Picture of Open Plan Kitchen Diner Concepts


Consult the Professionals

If your kitchen diner requires any kind of structural work, consult the professionals for the services. They will help in the planning of designs and the necessary processing of the documentation. Alternatively, you may find it easier to use a company that can handle everything from the plans to the building and fit-out.

Consider the layout of the space

The best location for an open layout kitchen diner is at the back of the house. Overlooking the garden with French or sliding doors is a great concept to maximize views. This setup has the kitchen on one side or at the back of the space, while the living and dining is close to the garden. Essentially, regardless of the home’s layout, it’s always worth spending time thinking about mobility and accessibility.

Separate the spaces

Changing the flooring is a subtle way to distinguish the kitchen from the living and dining areas. Alternatively, you could run the same flooring throughout to establish a connection between the areas visually. You may enhance this by adding definition with rugs – probably one under the dining table and another in the living space for a comfy touch.

Squeeze in plenty of storage

Evaluate your existing storage and the volume that it has to accommodate, now and tomorrow. Actually, storage is the secret weapon of every well-designed kitchen diner. Additionally, check on who will utilize them so you can include them in the planning stage.

Give the illusion of more space

If you’re commonly neat and don’t require to hide the contents of your cupboards away, take advantage of open-fronted shelves and cupboards. These create a sizable feel and complement the impression of open-plan living, where everything is easily accessible.

The downside of open storage is that you’ll need to keep your items in tidy order. The contents may also need to be cleaned regularly if they become coated with grease from cooking. A good extractor will help reduce this.

Achieve your dream kitchen with these smart tips to create an open layout kitchen diner.

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