Minimalism in a Simple Wooden House Design

Have you been dreaming of a peaceful life where you have privacy and away from the busy and noisy city life? Do you fancy the idea of living in a small wooden house in the rural area? If your answer is yes, take a look at this featured house we have for you today. It is a simple elevated one-bedroom house design with a veranda. This is not a house for a big family though. It is only for a single occupant or a couple who are looking for some privacy and serenity. This house can be a rest house or a place where to go for a relaxation.


Small House Details

This house is made of 80% wood which gives it a rural look. It resembles the nipa huts that are built for a yard.  Its roof though is made of galvanized iron.  It is basically a gable roof with an extended skillion roof that leans forward. It has four steps elevation making it a great dwelling for rainy days as it protects the dwellers from the rain water that might accumulate in its surroundings.

The total area of the house is 20 square meters divided into the main room which is 13 sq.m. and the veranda with 7 sq.m. area. As you can see from the floor plan, the main room has 13 sq.m. total area, which is a relatively big room to accommodate a bedroom, some cabinets, and the bathroom. You can put dividers that separate your bed from the other areas except for the bathroom that really needs to be enclosed. One corner should serve as the kitchen with a sink and an area for dish drainer. You can also put a small refrigerator if you wish.

Minimalism in a Small House

For a small house like this, the concept of minimalism should be employed. Minimalism in house design means stripping down everything to their essential function and achieve simplicity so that only the things and areas that serve a purpose or function must be retained.  This is to allow for more space in the house by not putting stuffs that are not necessary.  It does not mean that you don’t put decorations inside your house but minimize the use of these decorations to achieve simplicity.  

But why do some people want to live a minimalist life while they can actually enjoy the extravagance of life if given the chance?

Well, we have to make clear that we are not imposing that everyone should live a minimalist life.  This is only for those who want to enjoy a no-excess-baggage principle. Being minimalist means you intend to promote only the things that you value and need to get rid of those that distract you.  For example, why would you need a new pair of shoes when you still have three pairs that are good? You can’t wear them all at once, anyway.  Why do you need five bags when you can live with one or two as long as they are still functional? Do you get the idea? So, inside the house, why would you want to put many wall paintings and why do they need to be expensive when all that you need is to have just one painting hanging on a wall? It is as simple as this idea. 

Minimalism frees us from unnecessary expenses

Minimalism gives us the freedom from expenses.  Because you know that you only need three pairs of shoes and you already have them then there is no need to buy another pair.  This way you are free from spending on a thing that you don’t actually need. It makes you realize that you need to value what you already have and therefore you don’t need to have more because you already have what you need.  It opens up the opportunity for you to value the happiness that you obtain from relationships, experiences, and contentment from what you already have.

Thank you for this cute house design.

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