Simple Two-Bedroom Vacation House with Modern Touch

Welcome to this simple two-bedroom vacation house plan that delivers a relaxing, rural lifestyle. A house design with a high comfort level and charming appeal, you can enjoy a stress-free experience without any worries. Besides, the front balcony extends the living space to create a seamless transition between indoors and out. With exceptional features, this house offers the best for a vacation getaway.

Picture of Simple Two-Bedroom Vacation House with Modern Touch

This modern version of a classic farmhouse displays eye-catching curb appeal. The blend of grey and brown hues gives this house a warm and pleasant appeal, that lends the exterior a fascinating atmosphere. The design headlines a balcony that spreads over the entire frontage with a simple traditional concept. In fact, you can bring the interior space to the balcony for relaxation. Simply open the front doors to allow quick access to the living space, and invite fresh air to transmit inside.

Picture of Simple Two-Bedroom Vacation House with Modern Touch

Additionally, this country home design also maximizes comfort and ease of living. The cozy surroundings with verdant trees showers tons of natural air that brings the interior to ultimate comfort. Equally, this design offers large transparent glass doors that bring in lots of light that keep the interior at a pleasant level. Additionally, the windows provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and add to the bright and breezy atmosphere.

The exterior façade looks simple, yet stylish with asymmetric elements that include grey concrete columns on the left side, a flat roof that shelters the balcony, wall cladding with accents of brown-colored natural wood, and a graceful shed roof with wooden under roof.

Specifications of Simple Two-Bedroom Vacation House

For families who want the ultimate in comfort, and ease of livability, you find the right home. This design offers heaps of charm and a floor plan that stands in a lot that measures 7.0 x 9.0 meters that giving a usable space of 63.0 sq. meters. excluding the balcony.

An entry balcony welcomes visitors inside, where the open layout encourages a relaxed lifestyle. A compact layout provides a free-flowing concept for the living spaces – living room, dining room, and kitchen that occupy the right side. On the other hand, the left section hosts the private zone of two bedrooms and a bathroom in between them.  Additionally, the internal layout offers a high level of mobility and accessibility between rooms.

The outdoor living is perfect for family functions and activities, and outdoor dining. Overall, this vacation house maximizes comfort for healthy living.

Credit to: SJ Akitek House and Building Design

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