Sophisticated Family Home Plan with Stunning Features

Feast your eyes with this lovely and sophisticated family home plan with stylish features of fully conditioned living spaces. This marvelous design with modern touches offers a graceful and elegant exterior façade. The gorgeous verandah and outdoor space make it ideal for entertaining the family. In fact, the comfort it brings also expresses the serene and natural feel of its expansive outdoor areas that will inspire most homebuyers.

Picture of Sophisticated Family Home Plan with Stunning Features

Obviously, this contemporary home offers a casual and homey vibe in a versatile blend of white and grey with a little accent of a brown tone. Some of the remarkable features include a gorgeous verandah, clean contemporary lines, and entry sliding glass doors that join together and generate a friendly presence. 

The design headlines a gorgeous L-shaped verandah that is a perfect extension of the inner spaces for relaxation. Absolutely it exudes grace with marble tiles, steel guardrails, and battens that beautify the space. Additionally, the verandah stands stylish with columns with stone elements and is secured by a shed roof. As a result, the good balance of the materials, concepts, and workmanship gives it an outstanding curb appeal.

Picture of Sophisticated Family Home Plan with Stunning Features

This house promotes comfort which is felt everywhere. The airy surroundings with dazzling landscaping flood the inner spaces with tons of air that keep the interior pleasant.  Likewise, the well-placed glass doors and windows give the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Aside from beautiful aesthetics, these elements also transmit lots of light and air that make the interior look brighter and feel comfier.

Undeniably, one of the most remarkable characteristics of this design is the forward-facing center shed roofs that look graceful in refined workmanship. The stylish roof assembly matches the elegance of the spotless exterior walls in a light grey plaster finish.

Specifications of Sophisticated Family Home Plan with Stunning Features

You’re lucky to find this modern home that stands in a lot that measures 10.0 x 14.0 meters. The total heated and cooled area of 140.0 sq. meters spreads to a verandah, great room – living room, dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms arranged in a straightforward layout.

Striding up to the front of the house, you’ll observe an inviting verandah that shelters the main entrance door leading to the great room. The entire floor features two major sections: the living spaces on the left and the private zone on the right. The airy and bright living spaces look spacious with a layout without any partitions. Consequently, the layout offers a high level of accessibility between rooms. Meanwhile, this home provides two generous bedrooms of identical sizes provided with exclusive bathrooms and walk-in closets.

Look at the outdoor living space though! A covered verandah is a hub for outdoor entertaining to relax and enjoy. The spacious area around can host grand celebrations, events, and various social functions.

Credit to: Dream House

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