Striking Modern Country Home with Traditional Touch

Are you scouting for outdoor living, welcoming curb appeal, and a sweet sense of nostalgia? Welcome to this striking modern country home with an accent of traditional touch. This house offers a relaxing, rural lifestyle, and at the same time lends a modern feel. Actually, you can construct your country home within the city and still enjoy the feel of a rural setting right in the middle of town.

Features of Striking Modern Country Home

The house with a gorgeous front terrace in a blend of white and various shades of brown creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The space which is designed with wooden floor tiles, columns, and steel battens, and is secured by a flat roof is a perfect extension of the inner spaces for relaxation. Simply open the front doors to allow quick access to the living space, and invite fresh air to transmit inside.

Picture of Striking Modern Country Home with Traditional Touch

A charming design, it features unique elements that include an attractive painted brick-clad wall, steel battens in the terrace and carport, wall cladding with accents of natural wood in the main glass entrance, a combination of flat and shed roofs, sunshade glass windows, and ceiling windows. These building materials in a refined assembly join together and generate a stylish and elegant design.

Perhaps one of the unique and eye-catching features of this house is the concept of glass. The main entrance utilizes a tall folding glass panel door that is both unique and stylish. Moreover, the concept of using awning-type of windows is trendy, while the ceiling windows also offer an additional appeal.

Notably, the concepts offer comfort everywhere in this house. The location and setting with lush landscaping and verdant trees flood tons of air that flows freely to the interior. Likewise, the glass door and windows transmit lots of natural air and light keeping the interior at a pleasant level. Similarly, the high ceilings with glass offer a great sense of light and space, thus increasing the internal comfort level.

Specifications of Striking Modern Country Home

A pleasant inner space highlighted by glass elements is the centerpiece of this country house plan. The house stands in the middle of a lot with dimensions of 17.45 x 16.0 meters. The internal layout with a usable space of 80.0 sq. meters spreads to a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

A compact floor plan layout features a gorgeous spacious balcony that will usher you to the inner spaces. You will be greeted by a great living room that enjoys an open concept with the dining room and kitchen as they sit in the middle of the plan. On the other hand, the private zone of three bedrooms borders the living spaces – the master suite on the left and the secondary rooms on the right. The secluded master suite maximizes its privacy with a bath and walk-in closet. Whereas, the split bedrooms are also provided with individual walk-in robes and share a common bathroom in between them.

Meanwhile, the two-car garage on the left of the terrace looks stunning with a wall accented by bricks and battens. A flat roof encases the carport with ceiling lights that illuminate the space at night time.

Overall, this design with extreme comfort will be a great home for families who wants to enjoy a stress-free life.  

Credit to: SJ Akitek House and Building Design

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