Stylish Contemporary Home Design with Fabulous Concepts

me houses just speak to you immediately. This stylish contemporary home design ensures that it does not only have a beautiful contemporary exterior but a supremely comfortable floor plan as well. For families who want the ultimate in style, comfort, and ease of livability, you find the right home.  Therefore, look no further, this design offers heaps of charm and a floor plan that trims the fat, giving you everything.

Picture of Stylish Contemporary Home Design with Fabulous Concepts

It takes lots of time and consideration to create a house that provides all the essential features you need for maximum functionality and comfort. The exterior boasts a striking appeal from the combination of the elements that create an elegant façade. The wall cladding with accents of veneer stones in the right wing and the carport is stylish. Likewise, the intricately designed ceramic fritted glass doors and windows are unique and trendy.

Picture of Stylish Contemporary Home Design with Fabulous Concepts

Additionally, the asymmetric cross hip roof with grey tiles and white ceilings offers a graceful appeal and striking presence. Consequently, if you consider all other features with a refined assembly and workmanship, you have a sophisticated masterpiece beyond description.

Every angle of the exterior has been considered and designed to be stunning from all sides.

Picture of Stylish Contemporary Home Design with Fabulous Concepts

Interior Design of Stylish Contemporary Home Design

This home design has a well-designed interior. The living room features a modern touch and embraces a modern feel. Likewise, the space looks bright and feels cozy as tons of natural air and light transmit inside through glass doors.

The inner spaces focus on beauty and elegance. In fact, the internal space is tidy and well-organized too and is graceful in a blend of white and brown hues in all rooms.

The living room looks comfortable with high ceilings and elegant with recessed ceilings with bright lighting.

Living Room

Picture of Stylish Contemporary Home Design with Fabulous Concepts

By the way, the elegance of the living room extends to other areas of the internal space.


Picture of Stylish Contemporary Home Design with Fabulous Concepts



Specifications of Stylish Contemporary Home Design

This is the ultimate in a compact housing that cuts down on wasted space and maximizes comfort and ease of living. The L-shaped floor plan is exactly what you’d want in a modern home – smart, functional, and well-designed. The usable space of 125.0 sq meters spreads to a porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

You’ll be greeted subtly asymmetric exterior with a hip roof design that is both elegant and striking. The floor plan revolves around the central living core, consisting of a living room, a kitchen, and a formal dining room. Organizing the home this way makes it incredibly easy to access all the bedrooms and private spaces. Likewise, it also promotes a sense of community in the center of the home.

The living spaces sit in the middle of the plan in an open concept. It is bordered by two bedrooms on the right and one bedroom and kitchen on the left side. The master suite occupies the front right corner with a deluxe bath and a huge walk-in robe. On the other hand, the secondary bedroom sits on the opposite corner and the other in between the living room and kitchen.

Meanwhile, you will find the welcoming two-car garage that sits comfortably on the left front corner of the house. The carport is prominent with a wall with accents of veneer stones and secured by columns and a polycarbonate roof.

Overall, this design with a smart and comfortable internal layout will win the hearts of many.

Credit to: Modern Tage House and Design

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