Stylish Modern House Concept with Cross Gable Roof

Contemporary house plans stamp their position as the sought-after choices of most homebuyers. Actually, they have the trendiest designs because of their freedom to transform and generate completely new concepts that suit all family statuses and ages. Additionally, you can integrate your lifestyle and character, since they involve freestyle designs. It won’t be surprising to see this stylish modern house concept capture the hearts of many families.

Stylish Modern House Concept with Cross Gable Roof

Features of Stylish Modern House Concept

Conclusively, this modern house is an eye-catcher with its graceful and splendid exterior concepts.  A mix of white and grey hues and an accent of brown color in the elevation offers an excellent and dynamic appeal to the house. Similarly, this design in pleasing color generates a cool vibe and a fascinating exterior.

This splendid residence is a sight to behold. The rich detailing from the main entrance to the exterior materials brings this home to life with an envious curb appeal. The clean stucco around the perimeter of doors and windows around the house looks unique and stylish. Moreover, the exterior façade features windows wrapped by natural stone elements in a brown accent, which heighten the aesthetic value of the house.  

Stylish Modern House Concept with Cross Gable Roof

Visibly, this house explodes with comfort everywhere. The cozy outdoor space with brimming landscaping flood the inner spaces with tons of air allowing cross ventilation to keep the interior at a pleasant level. Equally, the well-placed, grey tinted glass doors and windows offer the house a balance of privacy and natural light. Aside from beautiful aesthetics, these elements also transmit lots of light and air for a brighter and cozier inner space.

The perfect home for any location, the cutting-edge modern design is both unique and trendy. One of the most significant elements is the cross gable roof with grey metal sheets and white outlines around the assembly. Meanwhile, the exterior walls are treated with touches of mineral plaster finish in a grey tone. It is amazing to see the spotless workmanship that exudes elegance.

Specifications of Stylish Modern House Concept

This contemporary home design utilizes a lot that measures 12.00 x 8.0 meters. The open floor plan design gives the home a much bigger feel than its 88.0 living square meters. The usable space hosts a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. 

The interior is accessible from the front terrace through sliding glass doors. Once inside, directly ahead of you are the living and dining rooms that occupy the middle section of the plan. The great room is bordered by the master suite and kitchen on the left side, and two secondary bedrooms on the right. The master suite with its private bath and walk-in closet separates from the other bedrooms to maximize privacy.

Meanwhile, the outdoor living space around the entire house is well-designed with marble tiles and lovely landscaping. This spacious area can host grand celebrations, events, and various social functions. Moreover, the outdoor space is perfect for outdoor dining.

Explicitly, this house design stands out with beautiful aesthetics, design balance, and comfort rolled into one.

Credit to: Pro Home Decors

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