Stylish Modern House Plan with Graceful Interior Concepts

This eye-catching, stylish modern house plan with elegant architectural details raises the bar for today’s home design. Bring your dreams to life with this one storey house that shines with graceful characteristics. Enormous panes of glass, soaring ceiling heights, and sharp contemporary lines are just the start of what makes this home so stunning. Moreover, this plan gives off a very cool yet homey vibe in a blend of white and grey hues with an accent of orange that also creates a fascinating exterior.

Picture of Stylish Modern House Plan with Graceful Interior Concepts

A comfortable terrace with marble tiles, columns, and a concrete canopy roof creates an inviting entry to this modern-style home. While the striking columns in an orange tone on the right wing offer additional character to the design.

The sloping, inviting carport, multi-pane windows, and well-illuminated exterior give the house a unique appeal and make a lasting favorable impression. Unquestionably, there is no issue with the comfort in both the exterior and interior spaces. Thanks to the glass doors and windows that shower the interior with tons of natural air and light. Besides, the glass elements also allow the residents to see the outside panoramic view. Equally, the house feels even more comfortable with lovely landscaping and verdant trees.

Picture of Stylish Modern House Plan with Graceful Interior Concepts

Furthermore, the well-designed cross hip roof with grey-colored tiles and ceilings looks splendid. The roof assembly and the spotless exterior walls in a white plaster finish exude class and finesse in refined workmanship.

Picture of Stylish Modern House Plan with Graceful Interior Concepts

Interior Design of Stylish Modern House Plan

This graceful home design has comfortable exterior and interior spaces. The front terrace ushers you past the main glass door into the great room area, adorned with recessed ceilings, numerous lighting, and lovely decorations. The living space is elegant in cream tone from the floor, walls, and ceilings. In fact, the space that embraces a modern touch and feel looks bright and feels cozy as lots of natural air and light are transmitted inside, aside from the comfort offered by the high ceilings.

The Living Room

Picture of Stylish Modern House Plan with Graceful Interior Concepts

Meanwhile, one amazing concept is the choice of furniture and accessories considering the types that shines in brown color.

Additionally, the elegance of the interior concepts of the great room extends to the bedroom and kitchen which explodes in similar tones from floor to ceilings that also look comfy and right with lights.

The Bedroom

The Dining Room

Elsewhere, the bathroom also exudes grace in cream and brown shades. The space looks elegant and refreshing with the use of genuine fixtures and accessories. 

The Bathroom

Hope you like this design.

Credit to: Baan Napasorn House Development 


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