Stylish Prairie Modern Home with Striking Features

Inspired design and daring architectural concepts are apparent in this stylish prairie modern home design that explodes with striking features. This house with comfortable outdoor living space is complemented by an equally cozy internal space with a smart layout. Plus, the home boasts a spacious outdoor living space around the house where loved ones and guests can enjoy the warmth and comfort of the place.

Indisputably, this modern design is an eye-catcher and screams with sleek and striking features. A blend of white and various shades of grey with an orange accent generates a dynamic and charming façade and lends the elevation a fascinating atmosphere.

Picture of Stylish Prairie Modern Home Striking Features

Features of Stylish Prairie Modern Home

One amazing characteristic of this design is the clean and sharp lines visible in the entire structure. It features various regal elements that explode with elegance, like varied levels and shapes of the roof, vertical siding battens, and stone accents, which give it a natural, homey curb appeal.

The main entrance features an elevated terrace with marble tiles, and steel guardrails, and is secured by a flat roof. The prominent columns with accents of veneer stones illuminated by sconce lights secure and beautify the building. What makes this design more interesting is the orange tone visible in the entire elevation that registers a striking character.

Picture of Stylish Prairie Modern Home Striking Features

You will certainly love this house plan that promotes comfort in every space. The numerous glass panels do not only provide a balance of privacy and natural light. They increase the aesthetic value and make the interior brighter and comfier with tons of light and air penetrating inside. Equally, the spacious brimming landscaping and airy surroundings also flood the inner spaces with volumes of natural air. Consequently, you have a house with both spaces floating with comfort.

Undoubtedly, when you combine the regal architectural concepts from marbles, veneer stones, steel, natural wood, frosted glass, a graceful roof assembly, and spotless exterior walls with grey mineral plaster finish in a refined assembly and workmanship, you own a sophisticated masterpiece that exudes class and finesse.

This splendid modern house stands gracefully with a magnificent outdoor living space around. Simply sophisticated.

Specifications of Features of Stylish Prairie Modern Home

Definitely, this house design which attracts neighbors and passersby features a floor plan with a focus on privacy and accessibility. Besides, the design converts the space efficiently, which spreads to a terrace, two balconies, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

The elegant terrace gives full access to the cozy great room through glass doors which is perfect to host any social function in comfort. You can feel the coziness of every space as tons of air flood inside through glass elements. The living spaces – living room, dining room, and kitchen, in a private set-up, sit in the middle of the plan. On the other hand, the private zone of three bedrooms borders the living spaces on three distinct corners.

The master suite on the left corner is a retreat with a private bath, complete amenities, and a huge walk-in closet. While in the living room, you will observe one bedroom on the right, and one on the back left corner adjacent to the kitchen. Both bedrooms are furnished with individual walk-in closets while sharing a common bathroom. The glass elements around provide a wonderful view of the outdoors and add to the bright and breezy atmosphere.

Overall, this stunning house has everything you need.

Credit to: Phakdi Design

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