Stylish Single Level House with Striking Exterior Design

If you have an interest in excellent design, you’ll appreciate this stylish single level house with a great visual appeal. In fact, it screams with stylish details and unique architectural concepts. . Set in a nice, comfortable location and setting, it is fair to say that this house gives you all the privacy and comforts you need. With its brilliant features, who would not be stunned by this design with modern styling and upscale features?

Picture of Stylish Single Level House with Striking Exterior Design

This modern bungalow house plan is both aesthetically appealing and comfortable. The concepts not only increase the aesthetic value but also helps reduce the heat inside because of their comforting features. A versatile fusion of white and grey hues with an accent of bright orange in the elevation lends a striking but fascinating atmosphere

Picture of Stylish Single Level House with Striking Exterior Design

What is amazing with the exterior façade is the stylish symmetrical concrete enclosure in orange color designed on both wings. Additionally, the wooden battens in the porch and wall cladding with accents of grey natural wood both beautify and heighten its aesthetic value. Moreover, using stones clad-walls as an alternative will equally create a lovely façade.

Picture of Stylish Single Level House with Striking Exterior Design

Furthermore, the exterior facade gleams with sharp clear lines that give it a modern look. The exterior walls look spotless in a tidy white paint with orange highlights around the windows. Likewise, the shed roof assembly looks stunning in grey tiles, white ceilings, and grey wooden gable.

Picture of Stylish Single Level House with Striking Exterior Design

Specifications of Stylish Single Level House

This design boasts pleasantness with an airy outdoor space and comfortable interior. It stands in a lot that measures 9.0 x 10.0 meters. The usable building space of 90.0 sq. meters. offers a porch, living room, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

This interior floor plan focuses on mobility and accessibility. The entry porch ushers you to the inner spaces through glass doors. While inside, you will observe the living spaces occupying the middle section of the plan. On the other hand, the private zone of three bedrooms borders the living spaces on three dedicated corners. Two bedrooms with identical size, design, and concept, enjoy a private bath and complete amenities sit on the opposite sides of the living and dining rooms. Meanwhile, the third bedroom sits in the middle part at the back portion of the plan.

Another remarkable feature of this house is its comfort level. The outdoor space showers the interior with tons of natural air that keeps the inner spaces pleasant. Similarly, the glass panels allow volumes of natural light and air to freely flow inside to make the space look brighter and feel cozier.  

Certainly, this house with beautiful aesthetics and comfortable outdoor living space will inspire most families.

Credit to: Dream House

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