Things to Consider before Adding a Pool to your Home

Many homeowners dream of building a swimming pool in their property especially during summer when the climate is hot and all they want to do is plunge in the pool and cool off. The idea of having a pool may even increase the market value of your house and you may sell it even faster if you wish to sell it soon. However, is building a pool really a good decision? Before finally plunging into the project, I suggest that you read this article to help you weigh the pros and cons, which you can do by answering the following questions:

  1. Do I want or need a pool at home?

This is the very first question that you should ask yourself before building one. The whole family should address this concern. So gather your family members and have a meeting.  Ask them to list down their reasons why they want to have a pool.  To give you a tip on whether the pool is just a want or a need you can answer these follow-up questions: Do you need it for medical and health reasons? Was one of your family members advised by a doctor to have a regular swimming activity for therapy and boost their health condition? Also, consider this question: do you want a pool because you think it is a beautiful feature of your house and your friends or neighbors have it?


2.  Do I have enough budget for a pool?

The cost of building an in-ground home swimming pool in the Philippines depends on the size and design.  The amount ranges from ₱300,000-2M or even more!  We are talking here about home swimming pools. Resort and hotel pools are of course way more expensive. So, do you have this extra amount of money to finance your swimming pool project? Are you thinking to make a loan just for this project? I think this is a very bad idea. Bear in mind that any home addition will cost more than what you have anticipated.  If the pool builders say that the project would cost you ₱500,000, anticipate the cost to be doubled so you must have at least ₱1M to start with.

3.  Do you have a space for a pool?

If you have a spacious yard – well, lucky you! You can build a swimming pool, spa or a jacuzzi! But what about if you have limited space? Where will you build that pool? It may take some creativity, special design, and compromise to build a pool in a small lot. You may opt to have it on your rooftop as well. Your pool builders will take care of this concern. There is also a do-it-yourself (DIY) pool that you can install in your yard, which is a much cheaper option.  Removing it is also a lot easier, in case you opt to have it cleared soon for a garden.

4.  Are you ready for maintenance?

Oh, well! This is also one of the concerns that you should really think about. Will you be the one to clean all that mess after a swimming party? Think about it. Draining, chlorine, bromine, pumps, test kits, water bills —the list of chores and expenses is endless! Are you up for the time commitment and monthly costs of maintaining your pool? Can you afford to hire a monthly pool maintenance service to do the dirty work for you? Ask your friend or neighbor who has it and interview them on how much does maintaining a pool costs. This will help you decide whether to have it or not. 

5. Is your home your permanent home?

Consider long-term plans before diving into that swimming pool project. You are investing in a very expensive venture. Will you be staying in your home permanently to use the pool or will you be transferring to another location? Well, we do not know the future but this question will definitely help you decide whether a pool is the right choice for you. Should you wish to transfer to another location, you can sell your property and with a pool in it, you can sell it higher because of the swimming pool feature.

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