Bathroom Organization Ideas for Your Apartment

A bathroom is one of the important elements of a house for personal hygiene activities. Actually, we sometimes fail to realize the value of the bathroom. Consequently, taking care of it offers us a healthy living. Since hygiene is a significant asset of every person, then we have to observe it at a high level. For this reason, the bathroom is one area where cleanliness is observed. Why not consider the following bathroom organization ideas to give the bathroom a pleasant space for use.

Despite knowing that the bathroom is equally important as the other rooms, it often falls to the bottom of the list of priorities when looking for an apartment. This holds true whether you have enough storage or just enough space to move around. In any case, you can treat the bathroom as the most important space where the purpose should be utilized well. Therefore, you have the obligation to be creative in bathroom organization to optimize your space to make it look beautiful, organize, and pleasant.

Bathroom Organization Ideas for Your Apartment  – A

This blog will offer you some suggested organization ideas to find what you need when you need it.

  1. Add hooks to your walls – Grab a few metal hooks and hang them on the wall for towels or behind the door for robes
  2. Put shelves over the toilet – Add few shelves above your toilet for toiletries.
  3. Use baskets – have baskets to segment your bathroom essentials into their respective places. You can slide them next to your toilet or under the cabinet.
  4. Extend your window ledge – Grab a solid piece of treated wood and add it to your window ledge to extend it allowing you to add few things for easy reach.
  5. Divide your cabinet drawers – Purchase clear dividers for your drawers to keep everything in place without the mess.
  6. Add storage inside the medicine cabinet door – Stick a magnetic board inside your medicine cabinet door a d add small wire containers and hooks.
  7. Put an additional shelf with a lip above the door for frequently used items for extra toiletries.
  8. Hang a wire shower organizer – Mount an organizer in your shower for everyday toiletries.
  9. Grab a few glass jars for cotton swabs – Use small jars with tops for cotton swabs, cotton balls, and clippers.
  10. Look to kitchen essentials – You can also use bathroom storage for kitchen items like paper towel holders and utensil holders.
  11. Repurpose wine racks as towel holders – Wine racks are a great economical way to roll up towels in your bathroom.
  12. Use a tiered organizer for under the sink – Add into your cabinet a tiered organizer for spices and other kitchen essentials. Store things and organize them by items you use most often.

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Bathroom Organization Ideas for Your Apartment – B
  1. Add a bar cart – If space is available, add a bar cart for toiletries and essentials.
  2. Replace the mirror with the medicine cabinet – Remove the mirror and replace it with a medicine cabinet.
  3. Add a tray to your counter space – Provide a small wooden tray to keep the bathroom essentials in one spot.
  4. Try ladder shelving – Use ladder shelving to save space. Also provide several shelves and lean them against the wall.
  5. Use the space between your toilet and sink – With a good layout, a small bathroom will not limit the idea of providing a slim cabinet between the toilet and sink.
  6. Add a bathtub tray – Put a bathtub tray to hold all bath bombs and other essentials. In fact, this concept will keep other spaces clear for other storage needs.
  7. Add a second rod to your shower – The second rod inside the shower will hold your loofah and other shower essentials.
  8. Line up multiple towel rods – Munt towel rods at equal space on the wall using the bottom one to hang your towels.
  9. Bring a stool into your bathroom – A small stool is simple but useful for setting things down and holding baskets.
  10. Install a tension rod under the sink – Use this to hang cleaning supplies and bottles. This will free up the cabinet’s surface for more storage.
  11. Keep a bathroom bench for storage – Actually, a size that fits your space will be good for setting things down and sitting while doing bathroom activities.
  12. Use your mirror – Add suction containers to your mirror storage to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste. In fact, this makes them easy to reach.

To sum up, using the above ideas will give you a clean and organized bathroom.

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